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The April 2023 Hybrid Solar Eclipse's Spiritual Meaning Is Challenging

Shoot your shot.

Taking unprecedented risks is usually frowned upon — but as Aries SZN and the spring equinox continue to unfold, that’s probably all you’ve been doing lately. As the sun continues through this cardinal fire sign, you’ve probably been feeling very confident in your ability to win at anything, and you’re quick to prove any naysayer who doesn’t believe in you wrong. This energy is bound to reach its peak this month, as the first eclipse of 2023 unfolds in this sign, inviting everyone to venture out and make a bold, sudden move. During any other season, behaving impulsively isn’t always recommended, but since Aries is the sign all about striking while the iron’s hot, it’s time to take full advantage. In fact, the spiritual meaning of the April 2023 hybrid solar eclipse is daring you to bet on yourself. Are you up for the challenge?

What Is A Hybrid Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse takes place when the moon casts a shadow over the sun, blotting out the sun’s rays. This oftentimes results in a “ring of fire” effect, based on where exactly you are in the world as the eclipse goes exact. This month, the solar eclipse is considered to be a hybrid, meaning that it’s a mixture between a total (totally obscured) and annular (ring-shaped) eclipse. Hybrid eclipses are even more rare than total and annular eclipses, taking place once every 10 years.

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When Will The 2023 Hybrid Solar Eclipse Take Place?

On April 20 at 1:34 a.m. UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, since it won’t be visible in the U.S.), the sun and moon will conjoin at 29 degrees of Aries, very shortly before the sun shifts into the fixed earth sign of Taurus. On this day, potent new beginnings will continue to open up in the Aries-ruled house of every zodiac sign.

Eclipses typically occur in the same zodiac sign as either the North Node or South Node (like November’s lunar eclipse, for example), but in this case, the sun and moon will only be co-present with Jupiter in Aries. As a result, this eclipse is considered to be a sneak peek of what will take place in the Aries-ruled house of your natal chart once the North Node moves into Aries on July 17.

Solar eclipses tend to be a period of growth and newfound opportunities; in Aries, now is the time to embark on a self-motivated journey. This eclipse is your moment to fully focus on your ambitions, without having to consider the opinions or judgements from other people. Aries is the leader of the zodiac, so this may be a time where you’re called to spearhead a project on your own, that’s either never been done before, or is in desperate need of a captain. Whatever it is you choose to focus on, you’re in full control, so be sure to trust yourself, and don’t be afraid to try things that have never been done before. Someone’s got to do it, so why not you?