This Piece Of Your Birth Chart Reveals The Parts Of Yourself You're Meant To Leave Behind

Have you ever wondered why certain feelings come so naturally to you When you are born, you arrive with a set of jewels embedded within your skin; innate strengths and weaknesses that cling to you. Some believe these qualities followed you from your past life and have become part of your soul. What your south node means in astrology describes the people you've been before you arrived in this life. However, it also indicates the qualities you should to leave behind as you seek personal fulfillment. In this life, you're meant to become someone else — someone very different.

Your south node is an aspect of your birth chart that directly correlates with your north node. These two aspects are not planets, but the points where the moon's orbit pierced through the plane of ecliptic when you were born. Together, they're known as the lunar nodes. The north node describes the person you should work on becoming while your south node exposes the qualities you need to move beyond. Otherwise, you might never feel as though you've truly grown in this life.

The zodiac sign associated with your south node is directly opposite the sign associated with your north node. You should strive to adopt the powerful attributes of your north node, while you should work on moving away from the negative attributes of your south node. It's an uncomfortable and daunting process, often because your south node will feels so much more natural to you. It may take your whole life to relinquish these qualities, but that's OK. That's what you're here to do.

If you don't know what your south node is, use this calculator to find out. Then, read on to find out what that says about the most important journey you'll ever embark on:


You're been selfish before. Your needs have trumped the needs of others and you've loved being the center of attention. Aggression and ruthlessness has always felt natural to you. You stop at nothing to get what you want. In this life, you should work on cooperating with others and committing to partnerships. Allow peace and diplomacy to become more important than being the best.


You've been too materialistic in your past lives. Luxury, security, and practicality have guided you for too long. It's time to let go of your desire for wealth and opulence. It's also time to stop being held responsible for everyone else. Instead, seek spiritual gratification and the unknown. Let go of earthly pleasures and embrace something deeper and more personal, something more poetic.


You've been dishonest and sneaky with words. You can talk yourself out of anything, refusing to hold yourself accountable. Instead of engaging in gossip, it's time to speak truthfully and focus your energy on being productive. Let go of your two-faced nature and embrace one personality. Take risks, travel the world, and view the world as full of opportunity instead of a dark place.


You've focused too much on the needs of others, prioritizing co-dependency over self-reliance. You cannot go after your dreams like this. It's time to stop being so afraid of being alone. It's time to relinquish your need for affection at all times. Let your head have as much of a say as your heart. You need to be more selfish with your energy rather than give it away to everyone else.


You've suffered when all eyes aren't on you. It's time to stop taking things so personally. Everyone has their own problems and they have nothing to do with you. You have the tendency to be self-aggrandizing. It's time to start becoming more down-to-earth, less concerned with vanity and attention. Focus on your community at large, on the needs of others above your own.


In your past lives, you've overanalyzed beautiful things until they seem ugly. You focus too much on extraneous details, on your need for a straightforward answer. It's time to embrace healing forms of art, poetry, and imagination. Let go of your need for absolute control. It's driven you mad with anxiety. It's time to find peace in mystery, to believe in something larger than yourself.


You've let people steal your thunder for far too long. Instead of letting someone else have the limelight, it's time to go after your desires and make your name known. You've relinquished your personal needs for the sake of peace, but now, it's your time to be selfish. If it causes a commotion, so be it. Conflict isn't the end of the world. It's the only way you'll be able to prove yourself.


It's time to stop being manipulative and possessive. You've used your powers of temptation to get what you want and you're used to relying on other people's kindness. In this life, you need to build your own foundation, make your own way, and provide for yourself. Focus on what is tangible and what is in your own control. It's time to become self-sufficient, perhaps even the breadwinner.


You can be preachy about your philosophy, fanciful and unrealistic about the matter at hand. It's time to ground yourself somewhere, to focus on the objective truth rather than esoteric ideas. Your adventures have been a form of avoidance. You run from yourself, trying to escape in distant lands and distant people. It's time to let your roots grow, to exchange equally with others rather than taking and indulging.


You've relied too much on the idea that wealth and success brings happiness. It has isolated you and left your heart hollow. It's time to stop overworking yourself, to stop believing that you are superior to others. Now, it's time to listen to your intuition, to let your relationships become more important than your personal success. In this life, let love trump materialism.


You're swallowed back your feelings for too long. Stop being so afraid to show emotion. If it alienates you from your group, so what? Your heart matters, not the discomfort of others. It's time to start letting your needs take precedence. You've taken care of your community at your own expense for too long. In this life, your success is most important. You must own your awesomeness.


Quit playing the victim. You've let life trample over you for too long, thinking that you have no control over your fate. Stand up for yourself, focus on reality, and take matters into your own hands. You let people use you and abuse you. It's time to put your foot down and take care of yourself. Focus on objectivity rather than the irrational whims of your imagination.