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One of the biggest plot twists of 2022 was the 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' ending.
The 23 Most Gag-Worthy TV & Movie Plot Twists Of 2022

It was a big year for WTF moments.


The best moment in any great TV show or movie is that scene that makes your jaw hit the floor as you text your group chat “WTF just happened?!” And 2022 definitely delivered when it came to truly gaggy, unexpected moments. From totally unexpected character reveals to bloody deaths nobody saw coming, these are the most shocking TV and movie plot twists of 2022.

Looking back, this really was the year of the twist. The past 12 months were packed with so many shows and films that turned everything on its head in the third act, and those moments immediately became the most memorable and iconic for good reason. Everyone was screaming at that death in The White Lotus Season 2 finale, and spitting out their drinks once Stranger Things revealed the truth about Vecna. Whether you were in a movie theater full of gasping people when that Don’t Worry Darling reveal happened, or you were freaking out while streaming it alone on your couch, there’s no forgetting that initial shock you had to a truly well-executed plot twist.

So! Let’s relive some of the most exhilarating pop culture moments of the year — and obviously, this list is filled with spoilers, prepare accordingly.

1. Wednesday: Tyler’s Monstrous Turn


For all of Wednesday, it really seemed like the Addams family’s standoffish daughter had finally found the perfect potential boyfriend in Tyler. That’s why it was such a shock when Wednesday found out he was actually the killer monster she’d been hunting all along. Tyler’s betrayal totally flipped the script, and had every Wednesday viewer gasping.

2. Boo, Bitch: Gia’s Ghostly Reveal


Boo, Bitch had one of the most surprising supernatural twists in recent memory. In the Netflix comedy, Erika believes she died and now exists as a ghost... up until the big reveal that she’s been alive all along. It was actually her bestie Gia who died, and was hiding the fact that she became a ghost from Erika. It’s one of those game-changing twists that makes you want to rewatch the whole show looking for all the clues that were hidden throughout.

3. Do Revenge: It Was Eleanor All Along


Do Revenge presented itself as the story of two wronged girls who team up to take down their bullies, but viewers were just as shocked as Drea was to find out that Eleanor was never really working with her. The big twist was that Eleanor was secretly trying to take down Drea all along, and only pretending to be nice to her so she could pull off the perfect revenge plot.

4. Only Murders In The Building: Becky’s Master Plan


Season 2 of Only Murders upped the intrigue with an even more complicated murder mystery, and a surprise killer reveal nobody expected. After going through their long list of suspects, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel finally realized it was Cinda’s unassuming assistant Poppy who killed Bunny. Turned out, Poppy was really Becky all along, the subject of one of Cinda’s true-crime podcasts who took it upon herself to orchestrate the perfect murder to launch her own podcasting career.

5. Don’t Worry Darling: Alice’s Digital Prison

Warner Bros. Pictures

Don’t Worry Darling had a twist so wild it almost overshadowed the movie’s behind-the-scenes drama. The final act of the thriller revealed the whole town of Victory was a simulated world, which Alice’s husband Jack forced her to live in so they could have a “perfect life” together.

6. The White Lotus: Tanya Takes A Tumble


Even though White Lotus fans were prepared for a main character to die through all of Season 2, few predicted it would be Tanya. When the ditzy socialite fell off a yacht and drowned, it was the true gag of the season. Fans were convinced Jennifer Coolidge would return for Season 3, but it turned out Sicily was her final vacation destination.

7. Stranger Things: Vecna’s True Identity


Hawkins met its scariest big bad yet in Season 4 of Stranger Things, and Vecna’s backstory wound up being even more terrifying than his skin issues. Part 1 of the season ended with one of the show’s biggest twists ever: Vecna is really Eleven’s predecessor, One, as well as Victor Creel’s disturbed son, Henry.

8. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin: Unmasking A


In the Pretty Little Liars world, the villain is usually hiding in plain sight. But Original Sin kind of threw a curveball. The finale revealed A was someone totally unexpected: the secret twin brother of Angela Waters, Archie. Even more twisted, Principal Clanton revealed he’d been Angela and Archie’s father all along, and had been pulling all the murderous strings.

9. Severance: The Finale Reveals

Apple TV+

The Severance finale was loaded with gasp-inducing twists. First, Helly had the shocking realization that she’s actually the daughter of Lumon’s CEO who voluntarily joined the severance program as a PR stunt. As if that wasn’t enough, the season ended with Mark discovering that his wife had been alive the whole time... and she was right in front of his face every day as Lumon’s wellness counselor, Ms. Casey.

10. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness: Mr. Fantastic’s Death


Marvel fans had waited years for the Fantastic Four to join the MCU, so when it finally happened in Multiverse of Madness, movie theaters were filled with screams. And then those screams grew even louder when the Scarlet Witch turned Mr. Fantastic into string cheese just moments after John Krasinski’s big debut.

11. The Watcher: Theodora’s Lie


The Watcher’s big twist didn’t come in the finale. In fact, the mystery’s ending was so unsatisfying it received widespread backlash from viewers. But one moment that *did* have everyone on the edge of their seat was when dying investigator Theodora spun a convincing tale that she was secretly the Watcher all along. It seemed like such a shocking reveal... until the Brannocks learned she made the whole thing up.

12. Riverdale: Superpowers, Time Travel, Comets, Oh My!

The CW

Literally everything that happened in Season 6 of Riverdale was unbelievable. First, the show introduced the parallel dimension of Rivervale, then the main characters developed superpowers, and as if that wasn’t enough, it all ended with a giant comet somehow causing the whole town to travel back in time. Got all that? Me neither.

13. Killing Eve: Killing Villanelle

BBC America

Killing Eve fans waited years for the investigator and serial killer to finally put their cat-and-mouse chase aside and be together. And it looked like that was going to happen at long last in the series finale... until it didn’t. In the show’s final moments, Villanelle was suddenly killed, prompting mass uproar from disappointed fans.

14. The Umbrella Academy: Luther’s Death


The Umbrella Academy always delivers when it comes to mind-blowing plot twists, and Season 3 had one of the saddest when Luther’s own father Reginald literally stabbed him in the back. Thankfully, Luther’s death didn’t stick, but it was still the most shocking moment of the season for sure.

15. Nope: That’s No UFO

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After Get Out and Us, everyone knew Jordan Peele’s latest horror film would unleash something truly brain-melting. And it didn’t take long for Nope’s big twist to reveal itself. Halfway through the alien western, OJ realized the UFO stalking his land wasn’t actually a spaceship, but a creature all its own.

15. Euphoria: A Farewell To Ashtray


Euphoria’s Season 2 finale was the ultimate tear-jerker. Fans knew the season was building to something tragic, but nobody was prepared to watch Fezco’s loyal little brother get shot by a SWAT team. Ashtray’s death was not only surprising, but also truly devastating.

16. The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window: Deadly Daughter


Netflix’s spoof on psychological thrillers may have been ridiculous, but its killer reveal was truly surprising. The Woman in the House went full camp by revealing the neighbor’s sweet-seeming young daughter Emma was secretly a bloodthirsty serial killer. It was a totally absurd twist, and a totally unexpected revelation.

17. Elite: Sam’s Surprising End


Sure, Elite is infamous for constantly killing off its main characters, but nobody thought Sam would ever die. He was considered the true protagonist of the series, but that ended when he drowned in Armando’s pool.

18. Bodies Bodies Bodies: The Killer Reveal


Bodies Bodies Bodies kept audiences wondering who the real killer could be throughout the entire movie. Every single character was sus, and there only ended up being two suspects in the end. That is, until Sophie and Bee found a video of David accidentally killing himself in a TikTok stunt. Yep — the whole murder mystery was a bloody comedy of errors all along.

19. The Boys: Homelander’s Daddy Issues

Prime Video

Season 3 of The Boys introduced Soldier Boy, a carnage-loving Captain America variant who managed to be just as terrifying as Homelander. And that’s not where their similarities ended. At the end of the season, Soldier Boy revealed to Homelander that he was in fact his biological father, shocking the supe just as much as it shocked viewers.

20. Bad Sisters: Fall From Grace

Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s black comedy Bad Sisters strung viewers along for 10 episodes before finally revealing who killed John Paul. For the bulk of the season, fans assumed Grace’s sisters committed the murder to free Grace from her abusive husband, but in the finale, Grace revealed she herself was the one to end her controlling marriage by killing JP and covering it up.

21. The Rings Of Power: The Face Of Sauron

Prime Video

The Lord of the Rings prequel series revealed Galadriel had a much more complicated relationship with Sauron than anyone knew. At the end of the first season, Galadriel’s traveling buddy Halbrand revealed himself to be Sauron in disguise, betraying the elven warrior and setting up a fiery rivalry for Season 2.

22. The Midnight Club: Dr. Stanton’s Secret


Netflix’s spooky series The Midnight Club was canceled before it could ever reveal the truth behind its big finale twist, but creator Mike Flanagan confirmed the moment when Dr. Stanton revealed her Paragon tattoo on her bald head did indeed indicate that she was Athena all along. That’s right — the escaped daughter of Aceso’s cult was running Brightcliffe the whole time.

23. Everything Everywhere All At Once: Evelyn’s Death Fake-Out


No movie was more mind-melting in 2022 than Everything Everywhere All At Once. The multiversal dramedy took so many unexpected turns, but the moment that had moviegoers truly gagged was when Evelyn’s mind splintered due to constant verse-jumping. It looked like she had died, and a big “The End” flashed onto the screen, but luckily it wound up being a fake-out before the second half of the movie played out.