Killing Eve Fans Are Absolutely Pissed At How The Show Ended

This is Game of Thrones finale-level outrage.

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Killing Eve’s twisted cat-and-mouse game came to an end on Sunday, April 10. While the series finale offered some long-awaited moments of true romance between Eve and Villanelle, the assassin’s sudden death in the episode’s final moments angered fans.

BBC America

After Villanelle’s sudden, random-seeming death, fans immediately took to Twitter, comparing the disappointing finale to Game of Thrones’ infamously controversial ending.

Villanelle’s death was particularly jarring for LGBTQ+ fans, considering the central lesbian relationship was so important to the series.

Fans also accused the finale of perpetuating the harmful “bury your gays” trope, which was surprising considering how progressive Killing Eve had been in earlier seasons.

Even more shocking, the Villanelle novel series the show is based on ended with Eve and Villanelle getting the happily ever after fans were craving.

Fans were quick to blame the lackluster storylines in the final season, rather than the actors’ consistently stellar performances.

Others placed the blame on the show’s ever-changing showrunners, most notably the final showrunner, Laura Neal.

The fandom is in agreement that those final moments just didn’t happen.

Like, it was all going so well until those last two minutes!

The show actually ended with Villanelle and Eve embracing each other, OK!?

Now it’s up to the fanfic authors to deliver the ending Eve and Villanelle deserve.

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