'Do Revenge' included several clues about Eleanor's plot twist.

These Clues About Eleanor's Do Revenge Plot Twist Were Hiding In Plain Sight

We should've seen this coming.


Just when you thought you knew where Do Revenge was headed, Netflix’s vengeful comedy took a turn nobody saw coming. The new movie definitely kept viewers on the edge of their seats with tons of scheming and backstabbing, but its big twist really had jaws hit the floor. However, when you look back at some of the earlier events in the movie, there were actually a few clues hinting at Eleanor’s Do Revenge twist from the very start. Let’s dive into all the foreshadowing that you may have missed.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen Do Revenge. The real vengeance plan at the center of Do Revenge wasn’t revealed until the movie’s final act, when disgraced queen bee Drea (Camila Mendes) realized her presumed partner-in-crime Eleanor (Maya Hawke) had actually been targeting her the entire time. It turns out, Drea was the girl who made up the life-ruining rumor that Eleanor was a predator years ago at summer camp (not Carissa, like Eleanor originally said), and Eleanor had been plotting her revenge ever since... banking on the fact that self-absorbed Drea would have no memory of the incident. True enough, Drea was blindsided by the revelation, but the duo’s newfound friendship was able to overcome Eleanor’s years-long grudge in the end.

The big reveal probably also blindsided a lot of viewers, but it didn’t *totally* come out of nowhere. In fact, Do Revenge dropped a bunch of little clues about Eleanor’s true agenda throughout the movie. Here they are:

1. The Scream In Eleanor’s Car

One of the very first things Eleanor does when she meets Drea is let out a vicious, guttural scream. At the time, this seemed like she was offering Drea a cathartic coping mechanism to let out some anger over her Max problems, but looking back, the scream was just as much for Eleanor’s own release. When she realized Drea truly had no memory of what she did to her back at camp, Eleanor couldn’t contain her frustration.

2. Carissa’s Nonchalance


Eleanor’s story about Carissa didn’t really add up, especially after the chill farm queen was introduced in the movie. Carissa quickly recognized Eleanor when she transferred schools, but never seemed to be unnerved by her presence at all. Unlike Drea, Carissa definitely would have remembered ruining someone’s life, right? But instead of notably avoiding or going after Eleanor, Carissa seemed like a totally chill person who just cared about growing her plants.

3. “One Down, One To Go”

After Drea and Eleanor’s plan to take down Carissa succeeded, Drea menacingly uttered, “One down, one to go.” She was, of course, referring to her golden-boy ex, Max, the duo’s next target, but Eleanor’s seething gaze at Drea in that moment should have signaled to viewers that she had another “one to go” in mind: Drea.

4. Drea’s Casual Takedowns

Drea’s penchant for viciously taking down other women without any remorse was on display form the very beginning. After making up a rumor that Erica was on coke to get her kicked out of tennis camp, it’s pretty easy to imagine Drea doing something very similar to Eleanor when they were younger and not even giving it a second thought.

5. Eleanor’s Introduction

Eleanor’s true motive was hinted at from her very introduction. In her opening narration, Eleanor remarks that teenage girls are evil just as the camera pans to Drea. Also in that scene, Eleanor is shown to be reading the 1950 novel Strangers on a Train, one of the main inspirations for Do Revenge. The book is about a psychopath who convinces a stranger to go along with a murder scheme. Although the book doesn’t end with one of the men turning on the other, the implication of Eleanor reading it suggests there’s something much darker brewing inside her than it may seem on the surface.

6. “Don’t Touch Me”

Eleanor and Drea’s relationship is much more complex than it initially appears. Eagle-eyed viewers may have notice Eleanor had a somewhat strange reaction when Drea viciously told her “don’t touch me” during Eleanor’s attempt to comfort her friend. Once the twist was revealed, this reaction makes a lot more sense, as Eleanor was clearly experiencing flashbacks to Drea’s initial betrayal.

Now that you know all about Do Revenge’s big twist, you might want to rewatch it to see if you can catch any other clues about Eleanor’s secret revenge plan.

Do Revenge is streaming on Netflix.