The 'Umbrella Academy' Season 3 finale ended with so many questions Season 4 needs to answer.

6 Unanswered Questions The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Needs To Address

What! Just! Happened?

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The Umbrella Academy always goes all-out when it comes to space-time weirdness, but it really outdid itself in Season 3. Packed with time jumps, paradoxes, and alternate timelines galore, the latest adventure naturally got a little confusing, but all the biggest question marks came in the totally unexpected final scene. While fans wait for more of the show, here are all the major unanswered questions The Umbrella Academy Season 3 left off with.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched the Umbrella Academy Season 3 finale. The final act of the latest season saw the remaining Umbrellas and Sparrows team up to conquer a mysterious pocket dimension called Oblivion. After solving the realm’s puzzle, Allison realized Reginald Hargreeves was willing to sacrifice her siblings in order to activate a machine that could reset the universe. Unable to watch her siblings disintegrate, Allison slashed her father’s head in half to stop him, but then went ahead with resetting the universe to see her daughter Claire again.

However, this new universe is still a huge mystery. When the Umbrellas stepped into it, they discovered they no longer had their powers. Not only that, but it looked like Reginald and his now-resurrected wife Abigail hold a much more significant amount of power in this timeline, as the last shot showed them looking out over skyscrapers covered in their name.

Obviously, it’s a lot to take in, and all the cliffhangers bring up so many pressing questions.

1. Where is Sloane?


First and foremost, viewers have to figure out what happened to Sloane. For some reason, she didn’t cross over into the new universe with the rest of the crew, even though she was right beside them all in Oblivion. Then again, it looked like Allison popped up in a different spot than the rest of the returning Umbrellas, so maybe Sloane also emerged in a different location in the new timeline. Let’s just hope for Luther’s sake that she’s OK.

2. How is Luther alive?

Sloane may not have made it through Oblivion’s door, but somehow Luther did... despite dying in the White Buffalo Room. It’s not clear how exactly Luther was brought back to life, and that answer may be key in explaining what is really going on in this new timeline.

3. Is everyone’s power really gone for good?

OK, now let’s get into what’s probably the most impactful twist of all. When the Umbrellas entered this new universe, they seemingly lost all of their powers. It remains to be seen whether their abilities are fully gone, or just lying dormant and can be somehow reactivated. But it definitely makes them all more vulnerable than ever before heading into whatever’s next.

4. What’s Abigail’s deal?


The reason Reginald went through all this trouble was to bring back Abigail, who seems to be his wife from his home planet. Abigail is still a total mystery to viewers, as is Reginald’s home planet and specific details about his alien race. Hopefully now that Abigail is back, Reginald’s super mysterious backstory will finally come to light.

5. Where and when is the show now?

There’s still so little known about the new dimension Allison ushered in when she hit that cosmic reset button. It certainly looks like Earth at least, and it doesn’t seem like the distant past or future. In fact, the plaque in the middle of the park where the group enters the world confirms it’s at least later then 1989. However, all those Hargreeves towers do look pretty futuristic, plus fans can’t rule out that everyone could even be on another planet, given Reginald’s alien identity. That said, the post-credits scene does mention Yeouido Station, which is a real place in South Korea, so it seems like this could still be Earth.

6. What does Ben’s post-credits scene mean?


The very last shot of the season came in the middle of the end credits, showing Ben (or some variant of Ben) heading to Yeouido Station on a train. There are a couple of things this could mean: Either this is a new version of Ben from this mysterious new timeline, or this could be the original Ben resurrected in the same way that Luther was brought back to life. Either way, things are bound to get messy.

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