Abigail Hargreeves, who is presumably Reginald's wife, reappeared in 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3...

You've Def Seen That Mystery Woman In The Umbrella Academy Before

It looks like she's going to be a big part of the show's future.


The Umbrella Academy always goes out with a bang, and Season 3 may have ended with the biggest cliffhanger yet. In the final moments of the season, a mysterious new character stepped into the spotlight. Well, actually she’s not really a new character — she’s popped up before, although you may have forgotten about it, since it’s been a while. Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched The Umbrella Academy’s Season 3 finale. To get the full download on who she is and what her reappearance means for the future, here’s everything you need to know about Abigail Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy Season 3.

Reginald Hargreeves’ true motivation for wanting to reset the universe in Hotel Oblivion was unclear for most of the season, until a flashback to Luther’s time on the moon revealed a cryogenic chamber-sized hint. Turns out, Reginald actually sent Luther to the moon to guard the frozen body of Abigail Hargreeves, a woman who is heavily implied to be his late wife.

After Allison used Oblivion to reset the universe, Reginald was reunited with Abigail, as the two looked over a city filled with skyscrapers that had their last name emblazoned on them. The season ended before fans got a real explanation about what was going on, but it certainly looked like Reginald and Abigail are billionaire business moguls in this new world.


This actually isn’t the first time Abigail has popped up in The Umbrella Academy. The Season 1 finale began with a very confusing scene, which makes a bit more sense now. In a time delineated only as “long ago,” Reginald visited Abigail on her deathbed. It’s pretty clear the two were lovers, and that she had a very strong connection to Viktor’s violin, which she told Reginald to give to “someone who’ll love it as much as I have.”


Outside the room, the landscape appeared otherworldly, and rockets were taking off en masse in the background suggested a mass exodus of the planet. The scene ended with Reginald opening a jar of golden particles. Thanks to the Season 3 finale, viewers now know those particles are likely they same specks he extracted from Viktor, Five, Sloane, Ben, Klaus, Diego, and Lila to power the Oblivion machine.

There are obviously still about a million questions about Reginald and Abigail’s past and future now that they’re reunited, but it seems clear they’ve got big plans for planet Earth.