'Boo, Bitch' had so many clues that Gia was dead all along.

There Were So Many Clues About That Big Boo, Bitch Twist

They were hiding in plain sight.


At first, Boo, Bitch may seem like a silly, colorful show full of catty one-liners and bright fashions. At that may be true, but toward the end of the supernatural high school comedy, it hits viewers with a totally jaw-dropping twist. Although that big reveal was super unexpected, if you look back, the show actually dropped some pretty clever moments that hinted at it all along. Spoiler alert: Don’t keep reading if you haven’t finished Boo, Bitch yet. If you’re still reeling from that twist, now’s the time to look back at all the clues Gia was dead the whole time in Boo, Bitch.

For most of Boo, Bitch, it’s taken as a given that Erika Vu died after finally attending a high school party, but really, it was her bestie Gia who died. That shocking twist isn’t revealed until the end of Episode 6, and it doesn’t really make much sense at first. What about all those times Erika seemed to affect the electronics near her, or the fact that the corpse hidden under the moose was wearing her shoes? Well, strangely enough, all of those weird occurrences had an explanation, and if you rewatch the first six episodes knowing about the twist, it’s much easier to see all the clues the show was putting out there pointing to Gia, not Erika, being the ghost.

1. Erika’s Missing Shoes


In the very first episode, when Erika woke up after the party she supposedly died at, she’s still in all of her clothes from that night, except for her shoes. This should have been a big tip-off that something wasn’t adding up — why would everything except her shoes remain on the ghost-version of Erika? Turns out, Gia actually took Erika’s shoes and placed them on her corpse’s feet to make Erika think she’s the one who died. That’s the real reason Erika woke up shoeless.

2. The Earphones

When electronics started acting up around Erika because of her presumed “ghost powers,” Gia was a little too quick to suggest that constantly wearing earphones would negate the electrical disturbances. In actuality, Gia needed Erika to wear the earphones because she realized nobody else could see her, and having the earphones in would make it look like Erika was on the phone instead of talking to an imaginary person if anyone else saw them conversing.

3. Preserving The Body

As Erika got caught up in her growing popularity, she became surprisingly lax about taking care of her corpse. Gia, on the other hand, was constantly making sure the body was iced so it wouldn’t decompose, even when Erika ditched her. The fixation went beyond mere bestie devotion — Gia was obsessive about taking care of the body because she knew it was hers the whole time.

4. The Prom Blow-Up


After Erika discovered a loophole that becoming a famous influencer was all she needed to keep being a ghost, she decided to cancel prom since she no longer needed or wanted to ascend. That caused Gia to blow up at Erika like never before, not only because she had finally secured a date in Gavin, but mainly because she believed attending prom was her own ticket to ascension.

5. Ignored At Her Own Party

It was never more apparent that Gia was both figuratively and literally disappearing than at the party she co-hosted with Erika. Nobody interacted with her for the entire party (with one exception, which will come up later), nor did anyone even acknowledge that she was co-hosting the party at her own home. It should’ve been a major clue when Gia was sitting alone on the stairs in the middle of a high school rager completely ignored.

6. Jake W.’s Nonexistent Breakup

An even weirder detail about that party was Gia’s reaction to Jake W. hooking up with someone else right in front of her. Gia had a thing going with Jake in Episode 1, but after the moose incident they just suddenly stopped talking out of nowhere. Why was Gia suddenly so avoidant of the guy she was so hyped about going to prom with? Well, the reason for that became clear after the twist reveal: Jake W. could no longer see Gia at all, which is why he moved on to someone new even when ghost-Gia was standing right there. And Gia knew she had no way of interacting with him, so she had no choice but to silently walk away.

7. The Connection With Gavin


While Gia and Erika’s party feels like the main clue that Gia is the real ghost, there is one moment in the festivities that seems to disprove the twist... but only at first. Gia had a heartfelt conversation with Gavin after escaping to her room at the party, even joking (but it turns out, not really joking) that she was surprised he could see her. Well, the only reason Gavin can see Gia is because he’s a medium, and his supernatural ability to commune with spirits should have been hint that his bond with Gia had a paranormal twist to it.

Boo, Bitch is now streaming on Netflix.