Euphoria Gave Fans Clues About Ashtray’s Fate All Season Long

TikTok and Twitter are full of hindsight.


Euphoria fans knew the Season 2 finale was going to be shocking, and it delivered when fan-fave character Ashtray was shot in a SWAT raid. Now, fans are looking back at all the clues about Ash’s fate that were sprinkled throughout Euphoria Season 2.


The Season 2 Premiere Showed Ashtray’s Final Scene

After Fez’s childhood head injury, a quick shot of Ash’s last scene is shown. Of course, nobody knew it was from the finale at the time.

The Hallway Shot Was Mirrored In The Premiere

The first episode of Season 2 showed Fez first meeting Ashtray in his hallway, the exact same place he would lose his brother in the finale.

Rue Spoke About Ash In The Past Tense

Fans on TikTok also pointed out how Rue’s narration in the season premiere referred to Ashtray in the past tense — “Ash was his brother” — suggesting Ash was no longer around.

Eddy Chen/HBO

It Was A Full-Circle Moment

Ash’s fate was hinted at right away, since the Season 2 premiere was all about his upbringing. Even Fez’s final lines of “he’s just a kid” call back to the premiere.

Javon Walton Never Posted About Euphoria’s Renewal

The main cast celebrated when HBO renewed Euphoria for Season 3 on Feb. 4, but Walton was notably silent. He’s since teased he may be back, but his silence should’ve been a big clue.

His Outbursts Foreshadowed That Final Scene

Ash has consistently violently defended Fez by murdering Mouse, beating up Cal, and stabbing Custer. It all led up to his shootout with the cops.


Walton’s Age Could’ve Been A Problem

Fans also pointed out Walton, who is 15, would noticeably age up before Season 3, which is rumored to not premiere until 2024. This could’ve messed with the show’s continuity.

Walton Has Goals Outside Of Acting

Walton has expressed that his ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympics. He’s both a trained boxer and gymnast, and given all the training that entails, it wouldn’t be easy to fit Euphoria into his schedule.

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