'Euphoria' fans think Barbie Ferreira's rumored fight with Sam Levinson affected Kat's Season 2 stor...

Fans On Twitter Are Calling Out Euphoria's Creator For Kat's Awful Storyline

The rumor that Sam Levinson and Barbie Ferreira don't get along isn't helping things.


Fans on Twitter have been asking why Kat’s Euphoria Season 2 arc... well, sucks. And since The Daily Beast reported actor Barbie Ferreira and show creator Sam Levinson fought over her character’s direction, the discourse has only heightened.


Rumor has it that Euphoria creator Sam Levinson cut several of Kat’s scenes from Season 2, possibly due to his reported disagreements with Ferreira, the actor who plays her. (Elite Daily reached out to HBO about this rumor, but didn’t hear back in time for publication.)