'Wednesday' Season 1 ended with a finale cliffhanger, and fans have theories about that text.

Let's Theorize About Who Was Behind That Wednesday Finale Cliffhanger

This better mean Season 2 is coming.


Welcome to the 21st century, Wednesday Addams. Netflix’s Wednesday brought the goth icon into a whole new generation, and that was emphasized very clearly in the final moments of the season, when Wednesday finally got her very first cell phone. But of course, before she could even download an app, the phone brought trouble. Because fans still don’t know who texted Wednesday in the show’s Season 1 finale, let’s break down some theories on the prime suspects.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses details from the Wednesday Season 1 finale. Wednesday was finally able to solve the mystery of the Hyde and Joseph Crackstone in the finale episode of Wednesday’s debut season, but before the end credits rolled, a new mystery fell right into her hands. As she headed back home for her midyear break, she received some alarming texts on the new phone she had just gotten from Xavier. The unknown number sent her photos of herself with Tyler and Xavier, with the foreboding message “I’m watching you” and a GIF of her dying. So basically, now Wednesday has a mysterious stalker who seemingly wants to murder her.


The new twist seems to clearly be a set-up for a potential second season. Although Netflix has yet to renew Wednesday at the time of the show’s premiere, this cliffhanger could be enough to convince the streamer to let the show dive into another mystery. As fans wait for any updates on a new season, let’s get into the main theories of who sent that stalker-y text.

1. Ms. Thornhill (AKA Laurel Gates)

It sure seemed like Wednesday took care of her secretly evil botanical sciences teacher Ms. Thornhill (who turned out to actually be the outcast-hating, revenge-seeking Laurel Gates all along) in the finale, with an assist from Eugene. But actually, it’s not really clear what happened to Thornhill after Wednesday stomped on her face. If she was still breathing, then she probably got arrested, but she totally could have snuck a phone or tracked one down to send her nemesis a few threatening texts.

2. Sheriff Galpin

Throughout Wednesday, it seemed like nobody hated the psychic schoolgirl more than Sheriff Galpin. Though he seemed to come around to her a bit towards the end, he still clearly has a lot of issues with her, and outcasts in general. Plus, it’s kind of his actual job to keep an eye on Wednesday, so the stalking would make sense.

3. Whoever Took Tyler

The other big twist in the season’s final season was that Tyler’s still alive, but was taken by people in a mysterious van. Clearly, someone else wants to take advantage of his Hyde powers, but we don’t know who. What we can assume, though, is that they’re probably an enemy of Wednesday’s, and may have sent her those texts as a creepy introduction.

4. Xavier Thorpe

Although he seemed to be a soulful artist with a crush on Wednesday at first, Xavier only got more and more sketchy. Wednesday still doesn’t know a lot about him, plus he’s the one who gave her the phone in the first place. Logistically, Xavier makes the most sense as the anonymous texter since he’s the only person we know has Wednesday’s phone number. But if he did send those messages, then why is he trying to scare the girl he supposedly cares for?

5. Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is a pro at suddenly popping up at random times, and watching people from afar. He also isn’t super aware of how creepy that is. Maybe the texts are just Wednesday’s quirky uncle’s harmless way of checking in on his niece.

All episodes of Wednesday are streaming on Netflix.