Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya on The White Lotus Season 2

The White Lotus Finale Has Come & Gone, But The Memes Are Forever

It's the only way to process Season 2's ending.


Half the fun of watching The White Lotus is scrolling through Twitter at the same time. Every time a new episode dropped, social media would light up with some of the funniest memes, jokes, and reactions to the latest quotable line or unexpected twist. That went double for the highly anticipated finale. Here are all of the best White Lotus Season 2 finale memes you might have missed while you were glued to your TV screen.

As always, The White Lotus fans delivered laugh-out-loud jokes throughout the night as the Season 2 finale aired on Dec. 11. The Sicily-set season had already provided a treasure trove of internet-enveloping moments leading up to the last episode, including Valentina’s “Peppa Pig” comment about Tanya, a mass-dragging of Ethan, and of course, Portia’s tragic wardrobe. Of course, the climactic conclusion was going to go hard with instantly meme-able scenes. Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t yet seen the White Lotus Season 2 finale. From Tanya’s unexpected plunge to Lucia and Mia’s victorious scam, the ending of Season 2 was meme gold for fans, and these hilarious posts prove it.

Obviously, Tanya’s yacht scene was the primary source of internet humor from the finale. Her hero-to-zero turn from shooting up her would-be murderers to drowning after accidentally falling off the boat inspired some of the funniest memes.

Diehard fans also couldn’t help but wonder how Belinda, the Season 1 spa manager whom Tanya ghosted after promising to fund her wellness center, would be reacting to finding out about the passing.

Tanya wound up being the season’s victim, but there was also a clear victor: Lucia. Fans celebrated Lucia and Mia’s ability to seduce and scheme the people around them to end the season rich, employed, and stronger friends than ever.

On the other side of things, White Lotus viewers had a great time clowning Albie and Portia for their questionable decisions in the finale. Portia discovered the plot to murder Tanya, but ran away when given the chance to save herself. And Albie coaxed his dad into paying Lucia 50,000 euro, an obvious scam that was finally made clear to him when he woke up alone the day after giving her the money.

Daphne’s nonchalant cool-girl attitude charmed viewers all season long, and that was especially true in the finale.

Basically, the whole White Lotus experience can be summed up by this meme:

And now, fans will wait for the next scandal-heavy, back-stabbing, murder-filled vacation when The White Lotus returns for Season 3.