'The Watcher' viewers are sharing tweets and memes about how bad the ending was.

The Watcher Viewers Are Saying It Had The Worst Ending Of Any TV Show

The memes are heated.


Once you press play on Netflix’s thriller miniseries The Watcher, it’s easy to get sucked into the show’s twisted mystery. In fact, you might find yourself so invested in trying to figure out who the Watcher is that the show’s resolution probably won’t land well for you. And you wouldn’t be alone in feeling that way. Since the ripped-from-the-headlines mystery debuted on Netflix, social media has exploded with tweets and memes from viewers roasting The Watcher’s ending, with some even calling it the worst ending in TV history. (Congrats on something else taking the dishonor, Game of Thrones.)

Spoiler alert: This post discusses The Watcher’s finale. The first six episodes of The Watcher show Dean and Nora Brannock investigating all of their suspicious new neighbors after they start receiving increasingly threatening letters. There are tons of suspects, all of whom seem to have some sort of strange fascination with the Brannocks’ new house at 657 Boulevard, and many of whom also have a clear motive to scare the family off. By the seventh and final episode, the stage is set for the big reveal... except it never happens. The show ends with the Brannocks moving out of 657 Boulevard without ever finding out who was terrorizing them.

Of course, viewers who were built up for a big Watcher reveal were left feeling unsatisfied and angry. It didn’t take long before everyone was sharing their frustrations on Twitter.

Not everyone was enraged by the open-ended finale, though. Some people pointed out that The Watcher is based on the true story of a Westfield, New Jersey, couple receiving the same threatening letters shown in the series, and that couple has still never found out who was sending the anonymous notes. Some viewers made the case that because the frustrating ending is true-to-life, it only made sense for the show to keep the mystery unsolved.

On the other hand, some fans shot back at that notion, arguing that since the series already fictionalized so much of the Watcher case, it could have invented an entertaining ending as well.

The Watcher’s ending may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure got everybody talking and sharing their own theories about what was really going on.