Prepare For A LOT More Elite Coming Soon

Netflix is going all in on this Spanish drama.


When Elite Season 4 arrived in June 2021, fans thought they were getting this year’s dose of the popular Spanish teen thriller soap all in one setting. After all, since the show premiered in 2018, Netflix has debuted one season each year. But even though Season 5 is still scheduled to arrive in 2022, there’s a lot more Elite on the way, including more episodes right around the corner. Even better, Elite Season 6 has also been confirmed, ensuring fans will have lots more drama to look forward to.

Before fans get either Season 5 or 6, the big announcement is that Elite is coming home for the holidays. The series first premiered the show’s spinoff, Elite: Short Stories, in June 2021 as a prelude to the fourth season debut. Since the series is a high school-based soap, characters graduate every three years, move away, and get on with their lives while new students arrive to replace them. This bridge of episodes closing out some of the characters from the first three seasons and introducing new ones ahead of Elite Season 4 helped ready fans for the upcoming changes.

But those won’t be the only short stories for 2021. As part of Netflix’s holiday programming slate, Elite: Short Stories will return with three new installments, checking in on characters and their holiday adventures in December.

Beyond that, Season 6 is a go! Here’s everything fans know about the new Elite episodes heading this way.

Elite Season 6 Renewal Announcement

On Oct. 28, 2021, Netflix announced Elite will return for a sixth season. Considering it will be months before Season 5’s arrival, that was a pretty big vote of confidence by the streaming service. Though Netflix once had the reputation of renewing shows endlessly, nowadays, the service rarely greenlights new seasons of shows without having a full 30 days of streaming data post-release of its current season. (Even Bridgerton had to wait!)

But Netflix had reason to drop the announcement when it did. Along with Season 6, Netflix announced the second batch of Elite: Short Stories for 2021. The three episodes, which will stream in mid-December, focus on Elite’s major characters, including stories featuring “Phillipe, Caye, Felipe,” “Samuel and Omar,” and “Patrick.”

Elite Season 6 Cast


Since Season 5 has not yet aired, it’s a little hard to know who might be in Season 6. Since Season 3’s significant turnover, the show has not stopped trading out main leads. For instance, Season 4 ended with the departure of Miguel Bernardeau’s Guzman and Arón Piper’s Ander, two characters who have been with the show since it began. Meanwhile, new faces will arrive to take their place, including Valentina Zenere, André Lamoglia, Adam Nourou, and Isabel Garrido.

But some longtime characters do seem likely to stay into Season 6 (unless they are accidentally murdered or decide to exit the series): Itzan Escamilla, who plays Samu García Domínguez, for example, and Omar Ayuso, who plays Omar Shanaa. Claudia Salas also seems likely to stick around as Rebe, as does Georgina Amorós as Caye.

And, of course, there’s the whole new crop of actors who came aboard in Season 4. There's Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, and Manu Ríos as the Commerford siblings, Pol Granch as Caye’s prince boyfriend, Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg, and Diego Martín as new principal Benjamín Blanco. Whether or not they’ll all make it to Season 6 remains to be seen.

Elite Season 6 Trailer

Since Elite Season 5 hasn’t released a trailer yet, there’s nothing out for Season 6 yet. Fans will likely have to wait until 2022 to see what happens next.

Elite Season 6 Release Date

Since Elite Season 5 does not yet have a release date, there’s nothing for Season 6 in that department. All fans can be sure of is the series will continue to drop a new season of episodes per year, putting Season 5 in 2022 and Season 6 in 2023.