Here’s Your Relationship Mantra, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

For when your love life needs a lil' boost 😘

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When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to get caught up in the same dating patterns. When hanging out with your partner, you may find yourself repeating the same ol’ habits like hangouts at your favorite local restaurant or listening to the same Bruce Springsteen love songs. After a while, things can start to feel repetitive (like the great Olivia Rodrigo once said, “Do you get deja vu?”).

If you’re looking to shake things up in your relationship, consider turning to the zodiac system. Whether you’re a spicy Pisces like Ms. Rodrigo or a daring Aries, I’ve got a relationship mantra for your unique zodiac sign. Each mantra will help your relationship reach new heights by turning your romance up a notch from “pretty good” to pretty freakin’ great.

While this article is focused on sun signs, you can also check your sun and moon for more advice. (The sun sign defines your core identity while the moon sign describes your inner self; learning about both can shed more insight into your romantic life). Here’s your ideal relationship mantra, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Get Lost In The Thrill Of Commitment

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Fearless in all things love and lust, fiery Aries has an unmatched zest for life. Your irresistible passion makes you a super crush-worthy sign. But left untempered, you can find yourself careening hard and fast into whirlwind relationships. When the dust settles, your thirst for excitement may leave you searching for the next great thing.

If you’re looking for a relationship, dear Aries, slowing down is the name of the game. You’re in love with the thrill of the chase, but can you learn how to fall in love with the intentional, honeyed process of getting to know your partner? It’s common for independent Aries to run toward their lovers at full speed, but switching to a leisurely pace can be equally as thrilling. Yes, it may be a challenge, but as an Aries, you’re a sucker for bold situations that take you out of your comfort zone. So, if your current relationship is right for you, know that slowing down, committing, and taking the time to learn about what makes your person tick can fan the smoldering flame.

Taurus: Turn The Slow Burn Into A Hot Spark

As a Taurus, you’re keenly attuned to pleasure and its sensual delights. And as the Bull of the zodiac, you know what you want once you set your sights on it (even if it takes you a little more time to get there). As a dependable earth sign, you feel comfortable letting your walls down once you feel safe enough. And once you open up, you let your partner in completely.

While moving at your own pace is totally A-OK, it may confuse and even frustrate the people you’re wooing. Be careful to not remain closed off for longer than necessary. After a while, your partner will expect vulnerability as a sign of deepening intimacy. If you play it too cool with your feelings, they may feel iced out and wrongly assume you aren’t interested. The solution is to use your Taurean patience and deep commitment to your advantage while making some room for sparkly spontaneity and heart-opening sharing. By doing that, your vulnerability charges up the slow burn and lets in the sort of magic that makes falling in love so darn exciting.

Gemini: Allow Yourself To Free Fall

As an air sign and one of the most skilled communicators of the zodiac, you love freedom and variety. You’re passionate about getting to know a lot of different people, which means your interest in your partner(s) can be superficial and flighty at best. Fast-moving Gemini, you talk, move, and process so quickly that sometimes, it can be hard for others to keep up with you. If they do, you’ll be impressed — but try not to continue talking circles around them. Intellectual banter is the way to your heart, but letting others in also means committing to the act of staying. This might be a tall order for you, sweet Gemini.

If you want love to stay and blossom, you’ll have to open up your heart. That means staying still enough in one place for your partner to catch you. Flirting is fun, but can you take it a step further and tell your partner about your dreams and innermost thoughts? Commitment may be intimidating, but with the right person, falling in deep love could be the next grand adventure.

Cancer: Keep The Mystery Alive

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If there’s any zodiac sign in love with the idea of love, it’s Cancer, the cardinal water sign. Sweet, sentimental, and sensual, you’re a triple threat in relationships. You’re comfortable with the idea of falling in love, but for you, the problem is falling in love too fast. Once you meet someone with real potential, it can be hard for you not to dive into a relationship and surrender to all the feel-good emotions.

For Cancer, every romantic connection is an invitation to plunge into the psyche of their partner’s soul, wade into profound conversations, and discuss their deepest dreams. However, despite wearing their hearts on their sleeves, Cancers aren’t interested in playing games. Instead of giving away your love and trust too quickly, try having your partner work for it a little and play with a bit of mystery. Put up your self-protective Cancerian shell before the DTR stage so you can make sure your connection feels sure and steady. You’re one of the most intuitive zodiac signs, so you’ll know when your partner has reciprocated your trust enough to commit further and share more.

Leo: Let Go Of Perfection

Leos exemplify dynamism, strength, and captivating magnetic energy, and they light up the zodiac with their fiery passion and supreme confidence. Since Leos are used to taking up space and commanding attention wherever they go, you'll likely have many suitors to choose from if this is your sun sign. It makes sense; since Leos tend to hold themselves in such high regard, you tend to be picky about your romantic partners to make sure they can keep up.

As an outgoing personality, you’re not afraid to go after what you want — and you often want the best of the best. When it comes to relationships, you could look for a person who perfectly matches your usual type, but why not expand your idea of what love can look like? Instead of setting unrealistically high standards, try to date partners who excite you, even if they don’t appear to be perfect on paper. By trying something different and allowing yourself to be surprised, you may find yourself swept off your feet in the most unexpected ways.

Virgo: Add Romance To Your To-Do List

If you want to know how you can improve something, ask Virgo. A mutable earth sign with a natural affinity for organization and precision, Virgos approach everything methodically — including affairs of the heart. When Virgos are vibing with someone, they’re less likely to be present and more likely to analyze others through an exhaustive and perfectly organized checklist.

As the resident perfectionist of the zodiac, you’re prone to leading with your head instead of your heart. You’re not interested in settling, but when you commit, you commit strongly. For your relationship mantra, don’t toss out your to-do list. Instead of looking at the relationship through mere logistics — which can get a little dry — try thinking of activities that bring out some of your sweet, tender emotions. Pay attention to the details (it’s your superpower, after all) but filter them through how your partner is making you feel, too. Revealing your inner softie to someone you trust will only deepen your devotion to your person.

Libra: Balance Love With Fun

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Libra is an air sign who is all about balance, harmony, and diplomacy — it’s no surprise that the zodiac sign is symbolized by perfectly balanced scales. As an air sign, you’re an amazing communicator and social butterfly. This makes you uber charming in any situation you get thrown in — you easily impress crowds of all sorts with your natural Libran tact. Apart from being a natural in group settings, Libras are ruled by Venus, making them obsessed with all things relationships — especially romantic ones.

Since you’re comfortable in long-term connections, if you are head over heels with someone, you tend to be a little impatient. Your instinct might be to push the relationship along. The occasional brunch date is cute and all, but you prefer long-term connections and would rather get right to domestic bliss. Because you get so excited about falling in love, your relationship mantra is to approach your partner with enjoyment and fun. Infusing adventure in your relationship will tame the enthusiasm and help you enjoy the in-between excitement.

Scorpio: Look For Lightness

As a fixed water sign connected to the eighth house in astrology (the mysterious house of sex, taboos, and transformation), intuitive Scorpios are all about baring their souls and going deep during relationships. Intense, complex, and mysteriously alluring, you move confidently towards your passions with ease — which includes your special someone. You’re not afraid to share your soul and heart with others, which makes you an appealing match for partners wanting the same level of intensity.

Once you’re in a relationship, you’re open to divulging your secrets and letting someone into your mind. When you find someone you love, you adore accepting your partner — both the dark and the light parts about them — and as a result, you don’t mind handling their emotional baggage. It’s one of your strong suits. But not so fast: Although you’re adept at handling crises, there’s more to love than just supporting someone. For your relationship mantra, try balancing the intensity out with some light-hearted fun. Passionate Scorpios should try light-hearted date nights (think Netflix with some guilty pleasure snacks) instead of serious conversations all the time. By intentionally striving for happy and breezy moments in the relationship, you’ll keep the spark alive.

Sagittarius: Find Freedom In Love

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, happy-go-lucky Sagittarius brings optimism, honesty, and spontaneity to their relationships. As a Sagittarius, you don’t necessarily have a type when it comes to love and romance — your curious nature means that you can connect with many people. Therein lies the main tension: The free-spirited nature of the archer can make it hard for you to commit since you have so many options! There are tons of people to meet and endless places to go, and being connected to many possibilities can leave Sagittarius perpetually searching for more.

Your relationship mantra is to find freedom in love and relationships and relinquish your relentless FOMO. In other words, treat your relationship as your big adventure! Falling in love with exploring your partner’s quirks, stories, and mannerisms can be just as exciting as jetting off to the next locale on your bucket list. It may require an exercise of restraint and vulnerability, but it’ll open up new horizons for you.

Capricorn: Express Your Inner Nurturer

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Capricorn, there are many qualities to adore about you. As the last Earth sign ruled by the strict planet of Saturn, you tend to be pretty realistic about love. Capricorns approach romantic commitments with a sense of responsibility and tend to walk into relationships with caution and care. When you go all in with someone, you’re totally aware of what you’re choosing in the relationship. This makes you a generous, loyal, and serious partner.

Despite your steadfast focus, you also have an uninhibited, romantic side that you unleash once you’re comfortable. Your relationship mantra is to express yourself and tap into your romantic side more. Bring out your inner nurturer by embracing vulnerability and being open with your partner. Opening up means that the relationship bond will become even stronger, and you and your person will truly stand the test of time.

Aquarius: Play For Keeps

Of all the zodiac signs, airy Aquarians are the most progressive, rebellious, and individualistic of all. You embrace your unique quirks, weird hobbies, and esoteric interests wholeheartedly. Because you’re an intellectual sign, the way to your heart is through witty banter and thought-provoking conversation. The more your partner can push your mental limits, the better. Although you’re not afraid of commitment, you find yourself spending more time cultivating connections with your friends, community, and the collective at large. And chalk it up to the humanitarian in you, but you also have a secret tender side.

In relationships, you tend to enter commitments with practicality and detachment. Doing this keeps you safe emotionally, but it doesn’t necessarily energize your connections. For your relationship mantra, try to close the distance between you and your partner; less talking about the collapse of society and more about how much you care about them (or that you really want to make out). Since you already have intellectual conversations down pat, being open and vulnerable will help you foster a deeper sense of closeness — both physically and emotionally.

Pisces: Go With The Flow

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Ruled by mysterious Neptune and Jupiter, the planet of abundance, Pisces is one of the most complex zodiac signs out there. The planets have bestowed you with psychic energy, “old soul” vibes, intuitive wisdom, and compassion for others. As a mutable sign, Pisces can be extremely empathetic and adaptable, allowing them to dial into their sensitivities and gifting them the ability to flood their partner with watery, deep feelings.

If you’re a Pisces, it can be easy for you to get swept away in the current of love. But if you aren’t careful, you can project fairytale fantasies onto your partner. Your active imagination means you naturally bring idealism to your relationship — you may get into your head about what the moment could be, instead of appreciating the moment for what it is. Instead of amping up the intensity or planning new creative dates with your partner, why not try relaxing and going with the flow? Try foregoing the typical carefully-planned excursions and take a spontaneous walk in a new neighborhood with your partner to see where the night takes you. Who knows, your partner may just surprise you with some swoon-worthy moments you might not have anticipated.

In love and dating, it’s a good rule of thumb to approach relationships with curiosity. Trying out new things and experimenting outside of your comfort zone can spark new vibes for you and your partner. No matter what your sign is, the stars can teach you a new thing or two about love and relationships. Open your heart, lean on your strengths, and try something new to have the type of relationships that you truly deserve.