5 Reasons Why An Aquarius Makes For The Perfect Partner In Life

by Isabelle Zanzer

Capricorns, you've had your time for celebrations. Now it's time to move over so we can appreciate a different species this February. I'm talking to you, Aquarians.

Known as the most unconventional member of the Zodiac family, an Aquarius can easily be distinguished from the others. Commonly known as quirky, introverted and perhaps a little revolutionary, they are the best life partner you could have.

I'm sure those who know one will understand. Typically misunderstood, they are the most loyal, caring and intelligent sign of the Zodiacs. With an endless stream of new ideas, they will always find a way to keep their partner on their toes. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, let's explore why Aquarians are the perfect life partner.

1. They're shamelessly smart.

I'm not talking about the conventional kinds of smart. When something piques their interest, they will explore every possible angle of the topic. Their thirst for knowledge makes them the perfect partner, for you will never run out of things to talk about.

This intelligence is perfectly fostered by their truthful and imaginative qualities. They are an intellectual powerhouse and when they find their focus, they are unstoppable.

An evening at your parent's house? Not a problem. They'll know exactly what to say. A gallery exhibition with your friends? The Aquarius can entertain anyone.

2. They avoid conflict.

Aquarians are completely and utterly neutral, with a sharp sense of fairness and respect for others. They are always sure to avoid conflict, not because they are passive, but because their priority is themselves.

Although mediators, they are far from pushovers. Treat your Aquarius in a way they consider disrespectful, and you'll have no second chance.

An Aquarius has no time for bullshit or stupidity, but they know better than to start a pointless argument that would lead nowhere. That's why with an Aquarius by your side, you can rest assured no embarrassing or awkward fights will ever take place.

They will always say what is on their mind to remedy a situation before it escalates. This distaste for conflict feeds into their self-reliance.

3. They're fiercely independent.

Everyone needs an Aquarius in their life, but an Aquarius will never need someone in theirs. Their independence is evident in every aspect of their life, from who they are dating to their career. They know money doesn't grow on trees and relationships don't magically succeed.

An Aquarius will never depend on their significant other, so you will get plenty of alone time.

Strong, independent and driven are just some of the characteristics to describe Aquarians. Be careful not to smother your Aquarius because nothing terrifies them more than having their freedom taken away. They fly in the direction they believe will take them to their ultimate destination.

4. They are practical.

If you want a partner that believes in unicorns and rainbows, you might not want to get involved with an Aquarius. But if you want someone who is grounded, practical and rational, I would suggest an Aquarius above all else.

If you have a tendency to overspend, overdo or overreact, an Aquarius will be your practical balance. They are that voice of reason you need whispering in your ear.

5. They will calm you down.

Aquarians are the ideal partner for anyone who is prone to bouts of anxiety.  If you're looking for that special someone who knows exactly what to say other than "It's OK," an Aquarius is your partner for life. They always know what to say, with a touch of humor and ease.

Conversation and consolation are never forced, they are genuine in everything they do. An Aquarius will have no problem turning your day around and will remedy any emotional issue you might be having.

For anyone finding themselves single this Valentine's Day, it might be time to start searching for your Aquarius.