14 Tweets About Dating A Pisces That Capture This Sign's Genius

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If there is one zodiac sign that is truly too pure for this world, it's Pisces. This water sign may belong to the same element of the zodiac as two of the most, um... challenging signs — Hi, Cancer! Hey, Scorpio! — but Pisces is totally different from its fellow water signs. You know the crying girl from Mean Girls who just wanted to bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and eat it and be happy? Now that's some big Pisces energy. Pisceans are sweet as can be, and these tweets about dating a Pisces are so accurate you might cry.

Those born between Feb. 19 and March 20 may have a lot of feelings, but they're much chiller than Cancers and Scorpios. These romantics tend to inhabit a dream land much of the time, which makes them a bit detached from reality, but very unlikely to instigate major drama. Pisceans believe that everyone is deserving of love, and they love showering that affection on those they date — as well as pretty much anyone they encounter. It's difficult not to love a Pisces, and any Pisces lover is sure to love these sweet tweets about the mushiest sign of the zodiac.

They Have a Tendency To Be A Bit Sensitive

Pisceans are fragile, OK? Please handle with care!

They Have A Lot Of Feelings

A Scorpio's way of exacting revenge is burning your house down. A Pisces' way of exacting revenge is writing a very long diary entry and showing no one.

They Wear Their Heart On Their Sleeve

For Pisces, restraint is overrated.

They Get Caught Up In Their Thoughts

A Pisces may seem chill on the outside, but on the inside, they're trying to keep themselves from asking, "Are you mad at me?" every five minutes.

They Sometimes Check Out From Reality

You know what's more fun than work, taxes, and having fights with your partner? Living in a fantasy world where love is used for currency and dogs are allowed to go anywhere they want.

They Probably Shouldn't Date Cancers

So! Many! Emotions!

They See The Best In Everyone

The best part about inhabiting a fantasy world: It's possible to believe that everyone has the best intentions and no one would ever break your heart.

Their Love Knows No Bounds

Yes, Pisceans are capable of showering their love on anyone, even me and my fellow Scorpios.

They Love Good Vibes

The minute a Pisces walks into a room, they start picking up vibes. And guess what? Those vibes are almost always good.

They're Incredibly Empathetic

Do you need a hug? Go find yourself a Pisces. They're that person standing on the corner with a "Free Hugs" sign around their neck.

They're Total Mushes

Is it such a bad thing that Pisceans want everyone to have the best day ever everyday?

They Always Take Other People's Feelings Into Account

It doesn't matter if you cheat on a Pisces three times, crash their car, and accidentally get them fired from their job — they'll still check in to see if you're doing OK.

They're Full Of Understanding

Want to move across the world and start dating you met someone in an online chatroom? Don't worry — your Pisces partner will understand, and they'll totally have your back.

They Will Make You Feel More Loved Than Anyone

A Pisces partner is like a yoga instructor, a giant teddy bear, and a weighted blanket all in one.

If you want a partner who's going to love you unconditionally — or if you're just having a bad day and need a pick-me-up — go get yourself a Pisces. They know how to turn on the waterworks, but they also know how to love without judgment or reservation.

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