5 Things A Pisces Needs From A Relationship To Take It Seriously

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and it can sometimes be hard to understand. As water signs, Pisces are prone to traveling and going with the flow, just as water would do in a river.

Made up of two fish, the sign represents a deep connection to the spiritual world. One fish looks to the heavens, while the other is earthbound. But once you know exactly what Pisces are made up of, it's quite easy to keep us happy:

1. Pisces go with the flow and can't be controlled.

They are highly creative, and they want to follow their desires almost instinctively. Although they aim to please their partners, you must also let Pisces follow their passions.

Our passions are very important to us. So much so, we will ditch a 9-to-5 job in search of the things that truly excite our souls.

Trying to control a Pisces into doing something other than what he or she believes is his or her God-given talent will not work. It will only cause a wedge in the relationship, and a Pisces will always leave in search of someone more compatible.

2. Pisces are dreamers and introverts.

People who fall under this sign are often quiet, and they don't let others in easily. But this does not mean they don't care.

Actually, it's quite the opposite. Pisces are extremely loyal, and although they're not outspoken, they will always fight for you (unless you start trying to control them).

Because we are dreamers, we love to create and often work in the arts, including the fields of writing, painting, photography, dance or even psychics. Pisces are very in tune with themselves. Don't mistake a Pisces's quiet nature as uncaring. Accept it, and let a Pisces keep dreaming.

3. Pisces are emotional.

Pisces are hard to understand because they are very emotional, but they don't always show it. Because of their introspective nature, Pisces can easily hide what they're feeling.

They don't trust a lot of people with their emotional states. So if your partner is a Pisces, you must do the talking. Don't assume a Pisces will place his or her emotions on his or her sleeve. Sometimes, we need our partners to sit us down and talk us through our problems.

If you're willing to spend a little time asking your Pisces partner what he or she is feeling, it will pay off. We are extremely loyal, but don't mistake us for being weak.

4. Pisces are sexual, but picky.

Pisces are always dreaming about the perfect partner, but don't think they're okay with relationships that revolve around just sex. These will bore a Pisces very quickly.

Pisces look for people who are attracted not only to their bodies, but also to their minds and spirits. Pisces pride themselves on being intelligent and connected to more than just the physical world. They want partners who share that curiosity.

5. Pisces are very intuitive.

Please don't argue constantly with a Pisces. Pisces trust what they feel, and they often don't budge. You can't convince a Pisces to stop feeling, since this is what guides his or her decisions.

We find deeper meaning in self-reflection, and this is often how we come to conclusions. If you want to change a Pisces's mind, think through your argument and present your facts. We don't cater to selfish people.

Although you might think your Pisces partner is mysterious, know that he or she is sensitive, loving, curious and gentle. Pisces always understand the struggle of others, and they are very caring and giving.

Accept our creative ways. If you do, we might show you the greater meaning of life.