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These 4 Intuitive Zodiac Signs Can *Always* Trust Their Gut

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Your intuition is a mysterious, powerful, and strange thing. Even if all logic points in one direction yet your intuition points you in another, you can't ignore it. Even if everyone calls what your intuition is telling you "unrealistic," you know you have to go with your gut. Sometimes your intuition simply knows something no one else does. You likely experience these compelling sensations on a daily basis, but some of us have a more intense connection with their subconscious than others. In fact, these zodiac signs have the strongest intuition of them all: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces. If your sun, moon, rising, or Mercury falls under any of following, you just "know" things.

Call it a psychic vision or just an evolutionary instinct passed down through generations, but your intuition is not playing around. Personally, I almost always regret it when I don't trust my intuition. Seriously, in even the most basic of circumstances, my inner voice has guided me toward success and away from failure. My intuition has told me to stay home instead of go to parties that turn out to be total chaos. It's made me book a spontaneous vacation that ended up being a major blast. If only I had listened to my intuition when I had a feeling I probably shouldn't go out with my ex, I'd have saved myself a whole lot of trouble.

If you're any of these zodiac signs, you, like me, better not ignore your inklings:


Cancer: You Can't Hide What You're Feeling From Them

Even if you're trying super hard to repress your feelings and keep a straight face, a Cancer isn't having any of it. They can see directly through your façade. After all, Cancer gets their power from the moon, ruler of emotions and subconscious feelings. Knowing what's really going on with you is what they do best. They can sense who has the best intentions and who has the worst with an almost supernatural ease. If a Cancer trusts you, it's because they know in their heart they can.

Libra: They're Highly Observant And Can See Things Clearly

A Libra looks at things without bias, which is why their intuition is highly accurate and trustworthy. Being the zodiac sign of judgment and balance, they can see a situation without bias or prejudice, which is how you know their perspective isn't clouded by their own opinions. In other words, they can tell the difference between what they want to believe and what's actually the truth. A Libra's intuition helps them navigate through conflict and maneuver through social situations like a champ.

Scorpio: They're Always Two Steps Ahead Of Everyone Else

When a Scorpio looks into your eyes, it almost feels like they're looking directly into your soul. That's how strong their intuition is. While most people would rather avoid the truth, a Scorpio is programmed to constantly search for it. Is it any wonder? Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, planet of darkness and transformation, which is one of the most mystical planets of all. It makes it easy for Scorpio to let go of their logical mind and let their decisions be transformed by their gut feelings.

Pisces: They're So In Touch With Their Subconscious

Pisces is a ridiculously sensitive water sign and they can pick up on even the most subtle of vibrations. They know something is off before anyone else does. Pisces is associated with the 12th house of spirituality, as well as ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams and otherworldly realms. They know better than anyone that the truth is often far more nuanced and mysterious than it seems. Luckily, their intuition almost always picks up on it. The truth may even come to them in a dream.

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