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Hannah Orenstein is the Senior Dating Editor at Elite Daily, where she leads coverage of single life, dating, relationships, breakups, sex, sexuality, and celebrity relationships. She's also the author of Playing with Matches (Touchstone Books, 2018), Love at First Like (Atria Books, 2019), and a forthcoming third novel (Atria Books, 2020). Previously, she worked a writer and editor at Seventeen.com and as a matchmaker for a dating service in New York City. Her work has been published in The Boston Globe, The New York Post, The Washington Post, The Cut, Refinery29, Us Weekly, and more. She loves books, great cheese plates, and her fat cat, Eloise. She lives in Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @hannahorens.

The 1 Subtle Clue That The Person You're Dating Sees A Future With You

By Hannah Orenstein
Caroline, 26, was on Instagram one day earlier this year when she noticed that someone unusual was watching her Stories consistently: the mother of the guy she was casually dating. While Caroline had been seeing this guy multiple times a week for a…