The 5 Reasons A Pisces Man Will Never Disappoint You In A Relationship

by Isabelle Zanzer

At the age of 21, my grandmother was already married, living in a world where the word "selfie" was unheard of, and the only post she could make involved the actual mail.

But while her world wasn't filled with the need for instant gratification, her life back then was far from easy.

Between struggling to be taken seriously as a woman in medical school, raising a son and taking care of things at home, she admitted there was always one person, one heart and one soul who never left her side for 55 years: her husband (my grandfather), a Pisces.

A painter, a father, a grandfather and a war hero, my grandfather showed my grandmother and everyone around him why the Pisces man will never disappoint his woman.

So for anyone who thinks finding love is like finding a unicorn, this one's for you. Here's why a Pisces man will never disappoint you:

1. He will prove chivalry still exists.

I've always believed chivalry was long pronounced dead, but after seeing my grandfather open doors, take a women's coat and never allow a woman to pay, I realized princes still exist in the midst of the Tinder frogs.

And while you may argue his age (which, according to my him, will always be 25) plays a huge role in this, I've personally witnessed Pisces men my age prove Disney fairy tales may not be entirely fiction.

2. He will always communicate properly.

If there's anything I've learned in my short existence, it's that the key to a successful relationship will always involve healthy communication.

While human beings are becoming smarter and smarter, we certainly aren't telepathic. This is why the male Pisces will always open and maintain conversation, and he will always remain honest.

He will talk (maybe a little too much at times), but there isn't much guessing when it comes to knowing what a male Pisces is thinking. What you see is what you get, and they're damn proud of it.

3. He will always care for his family.

Whether it's family dinners, family gatherings or family vacations, there is not a bone in the male Pisces' body that will ever say no to spending quality time with his family and loving yours in the process.

The male Pisces will never forget his roots, and he will do whatever it takes to make sure there's one big, happy family enjoying dinner together under one roof.

4. He will own the title of "Super Dad."

Behind every angry woman, there's usually a clueless man who has no idea what he did wrong.

But this likely won't be true for the male Pisces. If you're looking for a man who will step up to the parenting game and never miss a play or parent-teacher conference, the male Pisces will never disappoint.

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5. He will love you unconditionally.

Don't get me wrong; there's the good, the bad and the ugly for every zodiac sign. But none share the one quality that makes the male Pisces stand out from the crowd: He loves unconditionally.

Life isn't all rainbows and sunshine and filled with endless laughter and adventure. While obstacles will always remain part of life, unconditional love is what truly makes the world a happier, more colorful place. The male Pisces will have an unlimited supply of love no other zodiac sign could possibly have and loyalty that will never fade.

I admit to being the biggest skeptic when it comes to love. I'm always assuming my Prince Charming isn't coming on a white horse, but more likely on a turtle that is probably very, very lost.

But I can confidently say, when it comes to the male Pisces, there's no doubt they'll show you world. You'll always have someone ready to enjoy the ride by your side.