Your zodiac sign can determine if you'll find love in 2022.

These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Find Long-Lasting Love In 2022

Jupiter in your fifth house? Yeah, that’s hot.


When it comes to love, everyone could use a little help from the stars. It’s stressful enough trying to land a good date — wouldn’t it be easier if the planets suddenly aligned in your favor and allowed some long-term love to just fall in your lap? While finding a happy, healthy relationship doesn’t solely rely on the stars, three signs in the zodiac will be extra lucky in that department in 2022.

When astrologer Valerie Mesa assesses the probability of each sign finding long-term love at any given time, she typically looks at the placement of Mars and Venus in their charts. But in 2022, she noticed a handful of signs will also have interesting movement thanks to Jupiter.

“Venus is love, relationships, and seduction, while Mars governs energy, desire, passion, and sexuality,” she tells Elite Daily. “But Jupiter expands everything it touches; it brings blessings and lucky breakthroughs.”

In addition to the planets, Mesa looks at how nodes and eclipses might affect certain signs throughout the year. Nodes denote points in the sky where the moon and sun cross paths, resulting in eclipses. They’re sometimes called the “nodes of fate” or “nodes of destiny” because life-changing occurrences are known to happen around these moments.

Nodes are powerful indicators of movement — and potential for long-lasting love — in astrology. They represent spiritual evolution and the paths that you are concurrently moving toward and away from. They also offer valuable information about the kinds of energy you will feel throughout the year-and-a-half that the nodes are passing through each axis.

The nodes are also always in two opposite signs that are six months apart: In 2022, Mesa says the north node, which represents the direction you’re headed, will be in Taurus, while the south node, which represents the energy that you’re releasing, will be in Scorpio.

Overall, Mesa says there are a few signs with extra-high chances of finding love in 2022, but that’s not the whole story. “There are plenty of opportunities for other signs to find love depending on the Mars and Venus transits,” she says.

Read on for more about the three signs that will find long-term love in 2022 — in order of most probable — with a little help from the stars.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

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For Scorpio and Scorpio rising, Jupiter will be in your fifth house of love for the majority of 2022. You will also have the north node in your seventh house of committed relationships, which Mesa calls a “double whammy.” There will be a dreamy Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on Apr. 8, 2022, which is sure to give any Scorpio-related romance the oomph it needs to get serious.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Mesa says that Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising will have Jupiter in Aries for a few months of the year, touching “your fifth house of love and passion.” This means all those adventurous Sags out there who are looking for love might just find it in 2022.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Virgo and Virgo rising will have Jupiter in your seventh house of committed relationships, bringing you extra luck in this area. Virgo will also have that dreamy Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on Apr. 8, 2022, bringing with it lots of exciting and romantic energy. Virgo and Virgo rising will have Jupiter in their seventh house of committed partnerships for most of the year.

Honorable Mention: Pisces

Pisces will have Jupiter and Neptune in your sign, which is dreamy and serendipitous — creating the ideal conditions to fall madly in love.


Valerie Mesa, astrologer