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These 4 Signs May Be On The Verge Of Serious Change

It’s all thanks to the solar eclipse on Dec. 4.

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No matter how serious you are about your plans, the universe always has a way of laughing at them. There’s so much that’s out of your control, and sometimes, the universe steps in and forces you to take a path you were never expecting to take. These pivotal and potentially life-altering moments often happen around the time of an eclipse, because in astrology, an eclipse has the power to speed you up toward your ultimate destiny. In fact, the December 2021 new moon solar eclipse will affect these zodiac signs the most — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — and if you happen to be born under the influence of a mutable sign, you may be on the verge of embracing a serious change.

The upcoming solar eclipse takes place on Dec. 4 at 2:43 a.m. ET, launching a new beginning that may feel more like something is ending. Rising at 12 degrees Sagittarius, this cosmic event marks the end of your eclipse journey across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which began two years ago. Therefore, this upcoming eclipse may leave you with a major conclusion about a significant experience you’ve been processing.

While intellectual Gemini collects data and analyzes details, philosophical Sagittarius is always looking for big picture and trying to understand the way these details come together to tell a story. As this solar eclipse moves through Sagittarius, it may encourage you to see something from an entirely new perspective. Looking at something from a new angle can change its meaning altogether, and sometimes, you need to travel far from what you’ve always known in order to understand something in different light.

Here’s why mutable signs will feel this solar eclipse the most:


Gemini: Your Relationships Are Moving Into New Directions

This solar eclipse may be ushering in a new era for your partnerships. It may encourage you to redefine the terms that you and your partner have agreed upon, helping your relationships grow in the long run. It may even lead you to forging a connection with someone new, marking the beginning of a relationship that has a major impact on you. This solar eclipse could reveal the people who are meant to have a significant role in your life at this time.

Virgo: Your Sense Of Comfort And Familiarity May Be Changing

Just because you used to feel at home somewhere doesn’t mean you’ll always feel that way. As you grow and gain new experiences, your perspective of comfort evolves along with it. At the end of the day, home is the place that makes you feel like you belong; like you’re meant to be there. This upcoming solar eclipse could show you that what you need from a home is starting to change. It may be time to start cultivating and nurturing the home you truly want.

Sagittarius: You’re Embracing A Deeper Form Of Self-Acceptance

No matter where you are in life, you may feel like you’re nowhere close to where you’d like to be. Maybe there’s something you’re still hoping to accomplish. Perhaps you feel like you’ve fallen behind everyone else. However, this solar eclipse is about accepting where the journey of life has taken you because it has contributed to the person you are now. Let this eclipse give you a deeper sense of independence and self-love, because you deserve to honor yourself.

Pisces: Your Career May Take Some Unexpected Turns

While you may have been taught to “climb the ladder” in your career, the honest truth is that your career is not shaped like a ladder; it’s actually shaped like a winding road with very few signs to mark where you’re going. This solar eclipse may take your career in a totally different direction, which could leave you feeling lost at first. Embrace the shift, because as unexpected detours happen, new professional opportunities become available to you.