Coming Out

Here's Why Coming Out Is More Complicated Than You Think, According To Someone Who's "Out"

ByWilla Bennett
In 2012, I came out for the first time in the comments section of a YouTube video. Half-asleep in bed, I analyzed coming out videos while quietly typing my own story below. With a single click, my identity had been given words — I could even see and…

I Thought Coming Out To My Parents Would Surprise Them — Instead, They Surprised Me

ByFrances Molina
I can still remember the first time I almost told my mom that I was queer. Or maybe it was the first time she'd ever asked me if I might be queer. The details are fuzzy, but I'll never forget the setting. I had never considered coming out to my…

I Came Out As Queer To My Friends & Their Reactions Weren't At All What I Expected

ByCosmo Luce
Until my late 20s, I wasn't totally comfortable calling myself queer. From 19 on, I had been in exclusively hetero relationships -- both long- and short-term -- that followed one another nearly back-to-back. In that time, I never really investigated…