Shadow & Bone Character Zodiac Signs

Here's The 'Shadow And Bone' Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you've been eagerly anticipating the release of Shadow and Bone, the wait is over. The adrenaline-packed series is now available on Netflix, and many fans have already devoured the fantasy-themed drama, absorbing every plot twist and surprising revelation. Based on a Russian folklore, the series follows Alina Starkov, an orphan who discovers she's a manipulator of the elements (aka a Grisha). Her powerful abilities catch the attention of the head Grisha, The Darkling, who wants to help her master her abilities so that the Kingdom of Ravka can harness her powers for its own benefit. With Alina encountering many friends (and foes) throughout the series, this makes it easy to determine the Shadow and Bone character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

While the series is mainly centered around Alina's story, many of the other characters play a major part in her development — as well as their own. The different elements and modalities of each zodiac sign fits neatly into each character archetype, making the characters of Shadow and Bone even more relatable. Whether you're initially shy like Alina, loyal like Mal, or a powerful mentor like The Darkling, you'll easily recognize yourself and your zodiac sign in one of these characters:


Aries: You're Kaz

As the natural-born leader of the zodiac, you fit the character traits of Kaz perfectly. Assertive and direct, Kaz refuses to let anything get in the way of his objective, no matter how big the obstacles may be. You know how to navigate life with enthusiasm, rallying up your friends and family and motivating them to come along with you, even if there's a risky task at hand. Since Kaz is the leader of the Dregs, he's the one calling the shots, and as the first sign of the zodiac, that's exactly how you prefer it. Being ruled by Mars, your fiery nature is something everyone wants on their team, and you push things forward with enthusiasm and vigor.

Taurus: You're Ivan

As the most loyal sign of the zodiac, your fixed sign nature aligns with that of the most reliable Grisha in Shadow and Bone: Ivan. As a Taurus, you approach conflict in a reserved but self-assured way, ensuring you have all of the facts before you make a decision. You also have the ability to offer support to those who have earned your trust, and that's not something that comes overnight. Like Ivan, once you believe in someone or something, you're all in. Your grounded nature acts as a stabilizing force in the lives of those around you, and those in your circle know that they can always rely on you.

Gemini: You're Jesper

Witty and communicative, your Mercury-ruled nature suits Dregs member Jesper. Your light-hearted attitude is infectious and inspires others not to take life too seriously. Your quick wit has gotten you out of a plethora of sticky situations, and you always know how to turn your charm on when needed. As a Gemini, you have a lot of restless energy that can build up, similar to Jesper. Working with his hands by partaking in gunfights or gambling is his way to unwind, and having some sort of healthy hobby involving your hands will always provide you with some relief.

Cancer: You're Mal

As the nurturer of the zodiac, you're all about creating a safe space for yourself and the people you love, aligning perfectly with Alina's best friend, Mal. His love for Alina is unconditional and protective, and his sentimental nature encompasses your essence effortlessly. He's all about ensuring her safety, and finding a way to get them both back home as safely as possible. Your mama bear nature is why everyone comes to you when they need comfort and solace.

Leo: You're Nina

Bold, expressive, and vibrant, your warm-hearted nature aligns with Nina, a Grisha soldier who fiercely supports her country. As a Leo, you find pride in your beliefs and are passionate about what you believe in. As the sign ruled by the sun, you capture the attention of others effortlessly, just like Nina. Your larger-than-life personality inspires others to find their own inner light, and you're known for your courage and leadership abilities.

Virgo: You're Inej

As the mutable earth sign of the zodiac, you like to solve problems in efficient ways, which is why you align with Inej perfectly. As a spy for the Dregs, Inej prioritizes mental strength and seeking information to help out her crew. She's loyal and reliable, something you're very much known for, with a shy and reserved nature. You're all about problem-solving, and are an asset to your friends and family when they're seeking counsel or advice on a problem.


Libra: You're Genya

Genya's desire for unity and relationships is present throughout the series, highlighting the qualities that best embody your Libra nature. Partnership is important to you, and you find that you're able to accomplish much more as a team than on your own. You also tend to emphasize treating everyone equally and kindly, particularly in Genya's case, since she's a servant at the Little Palace. As a peacemaker, you may often find yourself steering clear of conflict, and you're excellent at mediation, just like Genya.

Scorpio: You're The Darkling

Powerful and success-driven, your determined nature aligns with The Darkling's. As one of the signs ruled by Mars, your desire to succeed is a driving force in many of your actions, albeit in a reserved, non-assuming manner. As a fixed sign, you have the ability to fixate on a goal until it's been accomplished, making you someone who is very successful, like the Darkling. Prioritizing emotional control is also one of your strongest qualities, and you're able to hold off on impulsive decisions until you know its time.

Sagittarius: You're Zoya

Freedom-loving and independent, your Sagittarius qualities align with Zoya's, the commander of the Second Army. As a fire sign, you like to call the shots, and you thrive when you're able to rewrite your own rules. Like Zoya, your fiery nature can get you into trouble at times, but your optimistic spirit shines when you find people who share your same goals and ideals for a better future.

Capricorn: You're Fedyor

Your productive and goal-oriented nature aligns with Fedyor's, the Heartrender who always looks to get things done in an efficient manner. You're continuously try to complete any task at hand, and your logical and level-headed attitude makes you an asset to any group. Others are comfortable with you in charge, because they know they're in good hands.

Aquarius: You're Matthias

As a fixed air sign, your rebellious and independent qualities match up with Matthias', who was falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. As an Aquarius, you seek freedom in every aspect of your life, and will rebel against society when it attempts to limit or restrict you. Living your authentic truth plays a huge role in your life, which is something you and Matthias have in common. He wasn't afraid to turn his back on his country when its collective beliefs didn't align with his, and just like you, he doesn't shy away from what he believes in.

Pisces: You're Alina

Your sensitive, adaptable nature aligns with Alina's, the Sun Summoner. Initially shy and withdrawn, Alina wasn't quick to step into the light. Once she became adjusted to her newfound power, she embraced it. As the intuitive of the zodiac, your sensitivity may oftentimes feel like a weakness — but it's not. Your ability to adapt to any situation and place yourself in another person's shoes with ease is what makes you special, and like Alina, it's important for you to own it.