Tana Mongeau's Zodiac Sign Makes Her A V Emotional Partner

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If astrology is any indication, behind all the drama that follows Tana Mongeau is a sensitive, emotionally-intuitive person who loves with her whole heart. Considering Tana Mongeau's zodiac sign, this duality makes a lot of sense. The YouTuber and internet personality was born on June 24, 1998, making her a Cancer. Symbolized by the crab, Cancer is intimidating and intense on the surface, but super soft on the inside. Here's why Mongeau is the embodiment of her zodiac sign in relationships.

She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

Keep in mind that Cancer's element is water. Water signs have big imaginations and even bigger hearts. It follows that Mongeau, as a Cancer, loves hard and channels that energy — no matter how chaotic — into her creative content. She's an open book on YouTube, regularly spilling her guts about dating, relationships, breakups, and sexuality to her almost 5.5 million followers. See: Mongeau sobbing about Billie Eilish unfollowing her and dissecting the decline of her relationship with ex Jake Paul. She's consistently devoted in all her relationships from start-to-finish, and will never be shy about her affections.

She Has A Lot Of Love To Give

Cancers love fiercely, so it's no surprise Mongeau's so open about her sexuality. She came out as pansexual in a June 2020 Instagram post, writing, "i’m proud to be not only a member but an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community and i’m proud to say i will live my life based on loving people not for their gender but their soul." It's worth noting that this caption accompanied a pic of Mongeau holding hands with Noah Cyrus. For context, Cyrus and Mongeau both dated Lil Xan. Initially, Mongeau said she thought Cyrus hated her because they shared an ex, but now the two are rumored to be dating each other. If there's any zodiac sign that can turn beef into romance, it's passionate and affectionate Cancer.

It also tracks that Mongeau is non-monogamous, which is one way to explore one's capacity to love multiple people. Cancer is always down for an abundance of tenderness. Mongeau was an in an open relationship with Mod Sun and Bella Thorne back in 2019. She also opened her relationship with Paul before they took a break in January 2020. And even though that relationship ran its course, Mongeau, ever the heartfelt Cancer, still showed up to support Paul at a boxing event. "Just because you take a break, does that mean that the day after you're like, 'I don't support you at all'? Like, of course I want to be here to cheer him on," she told Entertainment Tonight.

She's Open To Growing & Evolving

Cancer is at the top of the list of signs who learn from their mistakes. Their intuitive, sensitive, water-sign nature means that even if you make a Cancer cry with your critique, they'll still assess the situation fairly and move forward accordingly. Mongeau has been critiqued plenty. Considering all the drama she's experienced, she's sure to have learned several lessons along the way.

Based on Mongeau's zodiac sign, her go-with-the-flow attitude, big heart, and passionate water sign energy make not only for juicy internet drama, but for a loving partner who will always keep you on your toes.