Tana Mongeau Had The Most Over-The-Top Reaction To Billie Eilish Unfollowing Her

Dimitrios Kambouris/Ari Perilstein/Getty Images

Tana Mongeau is going through a tragedy. LOL, just kidding. Billie Eilish just unfollowed her on Instagram. Mongeau, who is already known for having an over-the-top personality on her social media accounts, posted a new video to her channel on Sept. 4 that breaks down her reaction to the "Bad Guy" singer saying deuces to her on Instagram. And Tana Mongeau's reaction to Billie Eilish unfollowing her on Instagram is almost as extra as her and Jake Paul's July wedding in Vegas.

The video, which was shot mostly in black-and-white, starts with screenshots of Mongeau and Eilish's social media interactions, the last shot revealing that Mongeau is no longer on Eilish's followers list on Instagram. Next thing viewers see is Mongeau walking up to her manager, Jordan Worona, to tell him the news.

"Yo, Jordan. This is absolutely the most detrimental thing I’ve ever filmed myself telling you in the entire history of us working together. And that sounded sarcastic but I actually mean it," she says in the video.

"I’m actually sad! I found this out yesterday and went through hard shock and now I’m sad as I make this video but I have to make a video," she continues. "I have to get views out of it because nothing else good could happen from this."

Mongeau breaks the news to him, but apparently he already knew, then he jokingly kicks her out of his house and says he needs a new client.

The video then spirals into a montage of Mongeau being sad all over her house, accompanied by her playing piano as the background music. Mongeau has been a huge fan of Eilish's for a while. She even invited the singer to her and Paul's wedding, but Eilish flat-out said no.

Suffice it to say that Eilish is an icon of Mongeau's, so it makes sense she would make this extra AF video to "mourn" the loss of one of her favorite followers.

The sad girl montage shows Mongeau drinking a bottle of wine and dripping the wine down her face to give herself dark tears. She sits in a bathtub fully clothed with a blank stare on her face. She sits on a roof and cries as she sings some of Eilish's lyrics. It's... a lot. It comes off as her being humorously overdramatic, then it becomes all too clear that Mongeau is doing this for laughs about halfway through the video.

Around eight minutes in, Mongeau appears sitting at a table to give her "apology" to the Billie Eilish fandom for letting them down.

"Before Billie followed me, I would just lie awake in bed at night and I would just be like, 'When we all fall asleep, where do we even go?'" Mongeau teased in the video, quoting Eilish's album name. "And then she followed me, and it's like I was just ready to come out and play."

"Shut the f*ck up," someone in the background pipes in after that comment, making Mongeau break her sad face and crack up.

"I thought she was my boy," Mongeau continues. "Now I open up Instagram and it's like I have a belly ache." She eventually says goodbye, then the video goes into bloopers.

I've seen a lot of extra sh*t in my days, but this takes the damn cake. But hey, now Mongeau and I have something in common! Billie Eilish follows neither of us!