Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau Got Married In The Weirdest Wedding Ever

by Candice Jalili
Denise Truscello

Haters said it would never happen, but Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s wedding finally did take place on Sunday, July 28. And it was just as bizarre as you would have expected it to be. Without further ado, I have the most bizarre details about their union. Read along and prepare to mutter variations of "WTF" and "no way" under your breath for the next three to five minutes.

The reception took place in a mall.

OK, first and foremost, the wedding reception took place in an outdoor mall. And not just any mall. The Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

To be fair, Las Vegas does hold a special place in the hearts of the couple, who got engaged there in June.

More specifically, the party took place at a Sugar Factory, which BuzzFeed reports was conveniently located right next to a Zara (outfit change, anybody?!). Despite rumors that they spent half a million dollars on the affair, BuzzFeed reporter Stephanie McNeal, who attended the union reported the entire thing seemed pretty "low budget for a celebrity affair." She reported:

The 'red carpet' was a few rugs covering a small walkway, and the venue was no larger than your average bar. The DJ, the buffet, and a kind of sad-looking dessert table were all crammed in the corner. There were about 10 tables for guests covered with Sugar Factory–branded ducks and small floral arrangements.

Oof. McNeal pointed out that the two things that were larger than life were the cake and the giant throne that the two sat on.

Denise Truscello
There was an Oprah impersonator.

BuzzFeed reports Caroline Hodge, an Oprah impersonator, was booked to make an appearance at the wedding. She told McNeal she didn't know why.

A fight broke out and it was extremely hyped up.

Then, of course, there was the fight that really seems like it might have been staged. BuzzFeed reports it broke out between some guests shortly after the couple exchanged their vows.

And, oh man, was this fight hyped. Paul first shared the news of the fight with this click-baity Instagram story:

Jake Paul/Instagram

Then posted a video fo his friends standing around reeling in the aftermath of this big "fight." In the video you can hear Paul saying, "B-Cup beat his a**, bro." He also added a caption that says, "a fight broke out at our wedding/I got shooters don't play." I'm not really sure what that means. But sounds scary?

Jake Paul/Instagram

Despite all of the hype surrounding it, McNeal wrote "it ended pretty fast and everything seemed fine."

Their livestream didn't work.

So, for those of you who aren't diehard fans of Paul and Mongeau, let me give you a little backstory on this one. The two YouTube stars were offering a livestream of their wedding for $49.99. That is, obviously, a lot of money to spend on just watching the wedding of two strangers. Even if you're a huge fan. It becomes a lot more money when you take into account the fact that the livestream didn't even end up working.

In addition to the actual stream being glitchy, fans complained that the actual ceremony didn't even live up to the hype.

Regarding the hefty price of their livestream, Mongeau wrote on Instagram:

I think it’s very important that people realize we created this experience for our die hard fans that want to be there with us… We are both filming the entire experience and posting it FOR FREE a few days later along with me extending the first season of my show to do a special on it which is also free… this is simply because we had thousands of people asking to make it live so they could feel like they’re in attendance [black heart emoji] no one is obligating anyone to buy it nor are we shoving it down anyone’s throat, this is definitely just something that is only going to happen once in our lifetimes and we both wanted to share it with people asking for it etc

Paul shared the words of his... wife (?) on his Instagram Story the day of their wedding:

Instagram/Jake Paul
Four Lokos were a "necessary" part of the wedding prep.

No, seriously. Mongeau posted this on her Instagram story on the big day:

Tana Mongeau/Instagram
Their social handles were painted on the walls.

The actual ceremony took place at what's called the Graffiti Mansion. On the walls of the mansion, their Instagram handles and couple hashtag (#JanaForever) were sprayed all over the white walls.

Jake Paul/Instagram
The groom's brother reportedly had little to no faith in them.

In a conversation with McNeal, Logan Paul admitted that he doesn't think his brother and Mongeau would last. "It seems a bit hasty in my opinion. It seems a bit preemptive, one may say," adding that he sees their marriage lasting "a month, a month and a half."

Denise Truscello
Paul attacked the cake with a sword.

"The reception featured two cakes for the couple, a seven-tiered Sugar Factory cake decorated with white glitter and white flowers, and a four-foot tall funfetti cake decorated with pink frosting, pink flowers and topped with a naughty cake topper of the duo," a rep for Sugar Factory tells Elite Daily. OK, now this is where things get weird: "Paul shocked guests by taking out a two-handed gigantic sword and slashed the cake smashing it on the floor stabbing it while dancing on top of the icing as Tana posted for adoring fans keeping up with the festivities over Instagram."

Denise Truscello

The reports from BuzzFeed paint a different picture of the whole cake cutting thing. "After the couple cut the cake, Paul attacked it with a sword and it fell to the ground," McNeal wrote. "He continued to hack at it until it was all over the floor (and my shoes). He then proceeded to dance in it with a friend as Mongeau looked on."

Paul's dad wasn't there.

Paul's dad was reportedly not at the wedding. Logan Paul told McNeal that, while their mom was present, their dad wasn't able to make the ceremony because he was "riding his motorcycle across the country."

Paul and Mongeau left the reception separately, according to BuzzFeed.

McNeal reports that the Sugar Factory reception ended early, with people yelling, "This is bullsh*t." As people started sprinkling out, she wrote she followed both Mongeau and Paul out. She wrote that she spotted Paul and his crew headed to the casinos. According to BuzzFeed, included in Paul's crew were "a few girls" with their arms around him.

So where was Mongeau? McNeal spotted her leaving minutes later with her own friends. According to BuzzFeed she was picked up from her wedding reception with her friends in an Uber in front of a Forever 21.

They might not be legally married yet.

And here's the biggest kicker of them all. According to BuzzFeed, the two still may not be legally married. As of July 29, BuzzFeed reported that "a search of Clark County's marriage records [for Mongeau and Paul's wedding record] came up empty."

Denise Truscello