Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau's Astrological Compatibility Explains So Much

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

YouTube royalty Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul announced their engagement on June 24 — on Mongeau's 21st birthday and two months to the day since fans first peeped something brewing between them. Many have side-eyed the speedy timeline and Paul's track record of fake relationships — hello, Erika Costell — to conclude that this relationship is counterfeit. (Elite Daily previously reached out to both reps for comment and did not hear back by the time of publication.) Be that as it may, the stars are saying something else. Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's astrological compatibility make them a great fit for a romantic relationship.

Jake Joseph Paul started raising hell on Jan. 17, 1997, which makes him a Capricorn. Cap season runs from Dec. 22 to Jan. 20. Typically, people born under the sign of the goat are hard-headed and tenacious. Caps also have a secret soft side, which would make them compatible with the softest sign of all, Cancer. The season of crabs and crying runs from June 22 to July 22. Mongeau was born at the beginning of the season, on June 24, 1998. And just like a crab, a Cancer's tenderness is protected by a shell and metaphorical pincers.

Both Cancers and Capricorns have a duality about them, that they'd recognize in each other and appreciate. A Cancer-Capricorn partnership would be one where each person is on the same page. Which is to say that even if Paul and Mongeau's engagement isn't real, their star sign compatibility makes them well-suited for a working relationship, too.

Once you know Paul's star sign, the Capricorn truly leaps out. Anyone who's ever watched one of Paul's YouTube videos knows that the man never backs down from doing what he wants — those are the Capricorn goat horns. Paul being a Cap means he doesn't shy away from the controversial and that's what makes him a master YouTuber.

Capricorns, like fellow earth signs Virgo and Taurus, are also notoriously in love with success. A quick scroll through Jake Paul's Instagram and all of its financial, social, and sexual flexes proves that. But Paul's in luck. Cancers like Mongeau are also hard-working. So, again, Paul and Mongeau would be a great fit.

But it's important to note: Cancers give 110% not because they're chasing success. Cancers do so because they're fiercely passionate about the people and causes they believe in. That's one of the best things about Cancers, and other water signs like Scorpio or Pisces: You'd hard-pressed to find one who doesn't go all in for what they love.

As a couple or even as just the prolific YouTube team they are, Paul and Mongeau are a prime example of why a Capricorn-Cancer duo works. In settings where Paul is brash and bold, Mongeau can also hang with her fun-loving nature. Likewise, in situations where Mongeau is caught up in her emotions, Paul can provide practicality and clarity. (For example, the video where Paul confronts Lil Xan, and all other videos involving Paul and Mongeau's exes.) And there's no doubt that they both subscribe to the ideology of work hard, play hard, too.

Paul isn't just Logan Paul's little brother anymore — he's out on his own, cultivating a YouTube channel bustling with 19 million subscribers, social media collective Team 10, and official Jake Paul merch. Meanwhile, on top of a YouTube channel with a healthy 4 million subscribers, Mongeau's got her own merch (Jana sweatshirt included) and is making music, too. And at least she tried her best to organize a whole convention, TanaCon, in 40 days by herself. Both Paul and Mongeau are always striving forward.

And so no matter if Mongeau and Paul are in a working relationship or a romantic one, their astrological compatibility is undeniable. When it comes to star signs, Mongeau and Paul are legit a match made in heaven.