Bangs, Barrettes, & 3 Other Spring Hair Trends You're About To See Everywhere

Tyler Plemmons; Justine Marjan; Kristin Ess/Instagram

Winter's on its way out, people, and as the seasons change and we start to welcome the warmth of spring, I'm doing a deep dive unto the upcoming spring 2019 hair trends, so I can figure out my next lewk. While the past few months saw tons of snow-inspired hues like platinum winter white, smoky silver, and icy pale blue, hairstylist Tyler Plemmons, owner and colorist at Tyler's Art Studio, says as far as color this season, everything seems to be warming up with the rising temperatures.

"I see some super cute colors coming just in time for spring, says Plemmons. "Very soft pastel pink and lavender hair will continue to be popular." If you've already fallen in love with that "Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes" pale blue, a light lavender is definitely the springtime move to make. As for pastel pink, it seems as if almost every celeb on Instagram has given the dreamy hue a try by now, so if you personally haven't done so, I'd say spring 2019 is your moment.

Plemmons is a pastel master in his own right — check out these lavender locks:

Khloé Kardashian just recently gave temporary pink a go, and I wish she'd kept it longer:

What's hot for anyone who isn't looking for a pastel pop? "Golden blondes and warm tones will be the upcoming new trend," says Plemmons. "Everyone is embracing the warm side in 2019!"

Bye bye, platinum blonde, spring 2019 is all about that buttery blend:

OK, so now that color is sorted, what about some trending styles and cuts? The number one hairstyle I've seen absolutely taking over is the low ponytail. Ariana Grande might be more popular than ever, but her signature high pony is taking a backseat to spring's fresh take, which features hair gathered at the nape of the neck. "Versatility is always in! Sleek low ponytails are the perfect office to nightlife transitional style," says Amy Clark, stylist at Rob Peetoom Salon in Williamsburg, New York.

A low pony doesn't have to be understated by any means. Peep this look by stylist Jae Jacobs as proof:

For a twist on the look, I'm loving Zendaya's low braid:

David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And can we take a moment to appreciate this chain-laden low pony styled by Justine Marjan for Christian Siriano's Fall 2019 fashion show? I need a crafty friend to help me recreate this ASAP:

A pony is an easy style for anyone to try, but one of the most unexpected trends taking off this year is the return of bangs. If you're still scarred from that time 13-year-old you tried to cut them yourself (I know I'm not alone here, people), it's time to get over it and embrace the bang, because honey, it's not going anywhere.

If it's good enough for models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, then it's good enough for the rest of us:

"The wispy bangs seem to be more favorable lately," notes Michelle Gonzalez, a hairstylist at Mimi's Salon in Belmar, New Jersey. "They don't need as much maintenance because they're so moveable that they can grow in a little longer than other bangs til you need a trim." The best part about this look, Gonzalez says, is that anyone can rock it: "They also look good with all hair lengths because you can frame them into any haircut."

In particular, a piecey bang is the It look of the moment:

"Update your look for spring with the '70s inspired curtain bangs to liven things up," advises Clark, seen on Camilla Cabello at the Grammys:

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The last trend on the rise is neither a color nor a cut — it's a clip. In fact, it's as many clips as you can possibly fit on your head. "“Accessorize, accessorize! Incorporate bold barrettes, headbands, hair pins, ribbons and bows," says Clark. "Think 1980s Madonna and 1990s Saved by the Bell but with an elevated twist. A little more vintage sparkle, a little less thrift store grit.”

Clark demonstrates a more low-key take on a client via this stunning updo with glitzy bobby pins:

And if Instagram is any indication, it seems the more barrettes, the better:

Especially if you're a fan of some sparkle:

I tried out this look myself using the KITSCH x Justine Marjan 'DAMN' Rhinestone Bobby Pin ($29, as my centerpiece, and let me tell you, I've never received so many compliments:

So, what have we learned here? Pastels and buttery blondes, low ponys, bangs, and barrettes are all trending, which means it's about to be one stylish season for hair. Now, BRB while I go stock up on even more glitzy bobby pins. For real, I can't stop.