The Top 2019 Hair Trends Are Lazy-Girl Approved & So, So Easy To Do, According To Hairstylists

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It's about to be 2019, and I plan on starting the year in style. To do so, I've been talking to hair and beauty industry professionals, as well as stalking photos from 2019 runway shows, to determine the major beauty trends that will be everywhere in the upcoming 12 months. I've gathered what I presume to be the top 2019 hair trends, and honestly, I'm a fan of every single one. While 2019's makeup trends might be over-the-top and extra af, the hair in 2019 is low-maintenance, effortless and cool, three things I most certainly am not, but my hair can possibly become, thanks to the advice I've gathered from hair pros.

While 2018 had us clipping in booty-length extensions for Kylie-esque ponytails, or chopping all our hair off for model-approved lobs, most of 2019's hair trends are doable at almost any hair length, and won't require any scary haircuts or pricy salon treatments to boot. What's more, while 2018 trends like glass hair had me stocking up on dozens of products and burning my strands with straighteners, and the like, 2019's more relaxed and less dependant on heat and styling, often requiring little more than a comb, a hair tie, a good hair oil, and maybe a cute accessory. Read on for four lazy-girl approved styles that you can definitely master by 2019, and prepare to have others wonder if you've always been so effortlessly chic.

The Middle Part


To start things off, indulge me and listen to this story from my youth. When I was about 13, someone told me side-parted hair made the nose appear smaller, and so I wore my hair that way until another person told me, at age 21, that I looked most Italian when my hair was middle-parted, and I switched back. The important thing to note here is that the second person whose advice I took was also apparently forecasting this major 2019 trend, because center parts are going to be everywhere, and I mean everywhere, according to the SS19 and AW19 trend forecasts. The above photos from Valentino's couture FW18-19 show depict dramatic, clean middle parts, and other brands including Peter Pilotto, Dior, Coach, Oscar De La Renta, and Monse, just to name a few, had models rocking the center part for their 2019 collections as well.

According to Linda de Zeeuw, Master Stylist at Rob Peetoom Salon in New York City, the new way to pair your middle part is not with a Meghan Markle Messy Bun, but instead a much more sleek, polished 'do. "2018 was all about fluffy and messy updos; in 2019 we’re going to see more slicked back updos with a clean bun," says de Zeeuw. "Wet looks have been a catwalk trend, too, and are possible to create in every haircut, from long to short, beautiful in combination with a pair of extra large earrings!" These Win Me Over Gold Earrings ($20, by Tobi should do the trick.

Low Ponytails

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Need a hairstyle to rock that middle part with? Sorry, Ariana Grande, but the 2019 party pony will officially be a low one. models at the Valentino AW18-19 show had ponytails that gathered at the nape of the neck, secured by a strand of hair to spice things up, while others, like Bella Hadid at Oscar De La Renta SS19, used the aforementioned trendy middle part to give simple low ponies some edge. Brands like Alexandre Vauthier and Dior also had models rocking the low pony look, and hairstylists at Ulla Johnson SS19 adorned low ponytails with knots and hair accessories to add some interest. De Zeeuw also has a tip on how to spice up a basic low pony: "For the holidays you can use a bit of glitter on the base of the sleek ponytail, and fade it out to create a sparkling highlighted effect." Recycle your go-to makeup glitter, like the NYX Metallic Glitter ($7, in shade "Goldstone," and you can match your low pony to your eye look.


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"Braids were all over the runway whether it was cornrows, other intricate braids, or sleek long braids," says Stephanie Brown, a hair stylist based in New York City. "Braids are polished, and a look you can wear a few days in a row without having to wash your hair."

When it comes to natural hair, at both Peter Pilotto SS19 and Prabal Gurung SS19, models of color had their hair styled into either full-on cornrows or a multitude of tiny braids, sometimes straight back and other times styled along with the very common center parting seen on so many other runways. Styles that work with natural hair texture, not against it, can help hair stay healthier in the long run, and using a product like the Briogeo Rosarco Oil ($28, will help keep braids, twists, and the like looking fresh and defined for longer, so you can stay busy serving looks and not have to style your hair every single day.


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"Handkerchiefs or bandanas are perfect for any girl who doesn't have time to wash her hair everyday," says Michelle Gonzalez, a stylist at Mimi's Salon in New Jersey. In fact, she's hailing the look as the lazy girl's ultimate go-to style. "Ran out of dry shampoo? Tie in a handkerchief. They're super trendy and can be worn more casually with your hair down, or over an updo for a slightly more sophisticated take."

When I saw the majority of the models at the Kate Spade SS19 show wearing bandanas in their hair, I immediately knew it would be my favorite trend of the year. I'm not going to say this trend is purely Lizzie McGuire inspired, but I am going to strongly hint at it, because the girl was an honest-to-goodness hair icon. To copy the Kate Spade ladies, invest in one from the brand, like their Going Places Square Scarf ($78,, or tie up a small scarf from Zara like the Pleated Geometric Scarf $18, for a more budget-friendly option.

What have we learned here? I'll officially be spending no more than five minutes per morning on my hair in 2019, which means I can devote even more time to my skincare regime and makeup application. Catch me sporting middle-parted low ponies on days where I'm trying to impress, and cute patterned bandanas when I've gone a few days without washing my hair. Viva la lazy girl glam!