8 Reasons Lizzie McGuire Will Always Be Your Ultimate Style Goals


"Lizzie McGuire" was basically the tween version of “Sex and the City."

It had everything an adolescent girl could want, including boy drama, periods and bra shopping. You know, real issues.

The main character was also a fabulous blonde.

More notably, like "Sex and the City," it had off-the-chain fashion. Bandanas, butterfly clips and peasant tops were prominent stars. If you didn’t spend your tween years dreaming of being Lizzie McGuire/Hilary Duff, you lived under a rock.

Here are all the reasons Lizzie is the real OG when it comes to early 2000s fashion.

Girlfriend knew the importance of a color-coordinated bandana.

If it doesn’t match your pleather jacket and your top, it’s not worth wearing.

If you actually want to rock a bandana (or something close), we recommend getting a silk scarf and tying it around your head like Grace Kelly.

Also, pageboy hats.

The trick is positioning it at an angle. It says you're quirky, yet still naive enough to fall for a hot Italian pop star.

Whatever you do, don't do a side ponytail with a pageboy hat. You're not JLo, and even she couldn't pull it off.

Your hair is not complete without at least 15 ponytails around the perimeter of your head.

Make sure to wrap them in tons of leather strips. Faux nose piercing is totally optional.

You can never OD on body glitter.

Rhinestones belong on the corners of your eyes. Oh, and your bandana. Basically, don’t leave your house until you resemble a disco ball.

If you want to wear some sparkle on the DL, here's how you should do it.

No, seriously. Bandanas will save your life.

Especially if they’re transparent. Lunch lady chic is a look.

Actually, in retrospect, this look was absolutely terrible and there is no redeeming it. Sorry, Lizzie. You tried.

Who needs extensions when you've got faux hairpieces?

Bonus points if it's a bright color and matches your shirt. If you're really craving bright hair, consider a temporary dip-dye job or clip-in extensions.

You needed bangs.

They had to be face-framing, feathery and, most importantly, blonde. If you're thirsty for bangs, ask your stylist to cut yours into more of a heavier fringe than the feathery bits and pieces Lizzie had.

Chokers and bracelets are basically style staples.

Sorry Man Repeller, but Lizzie basically invented the #armparty. As for chokers, don't go for the thin kind. It'll dig into your neck and might potentially, well, choke you. A thicker statement piece is way chicer.