Kendall Jenner Posted A Photo With Bangs & Looks Like A Totally Different Person

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whenever big time models get a dramatic new haircut it's a buzzy deal, seeing as their image is paramount when it comes to their success and they're often booked for gigs based on a signature look. Kendall Jenner's new bangs, therefore, come as a surprise, seeing as the model has rocked her choppy, shoulder-grazing bob for pretty much her entire career. Sure, it’s reached past her shoulders at times and has been subjected to various styling techniques (think old Hollywood curls and super straight blowouts), but for the most part her cut has remained the same. Bangs, therefore, are a huge change for the model, but it’s not technically the first time she’s rocked them.

In 2015 at the American Music Awards, Jenner walked the red carpet in a beautiful black mini dress by Oriett Domenech and strappy black heels, and while her outfit was nothing short of stunning, it was her hair that really stole the show. Her hair was pulled up into a high top knot but instead of the sleek version she was known to sport it was decidedly more relaxed, thanks to a curtain of fringe that framed her face. It was later revealed that the bangs were merely clip-ins but they looked so good on Jenner I don't think anyone would've been surprised if she opted to get the cut permanently.

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Four years later and Jenner is toying with bangs again, except this time it seems like she might be getting, or at least considering, the real thing. In a post uploaded to Instagram yesterday, which includes a photo and two videos, the model peeps out from beneath choppy bangs, looking just as ace as she did at the AMA's. "yes, no, maybe so?" reads the caption, likely indicating that the bangs are not real but that she's seriously considering making them so.

While the comments on the post are mixed in terms of whether or not Jenner should get the cut, a few users pointed out that bangs make her look a lot like a certain member of her family and no, it's not one of her sisters. "Ur moms twin deada**," wrote one user, indicating that the bangs give her major Kris Jenner vibes.

What do you think? Should Jenner go for the chop? Seeing how natural the clip-in bangs look, she could always keep them on hand for when she wants to switch up her look. Bella Hadid has also played around with faux bangs in the past but ultimately stuck with her longer layers—will Jenner follow suit?

If you've been going back and forth on whether or not you want to try out fringe, take a cue from the model and get a faux version first. They'll not only let you see how bangs will frame your face and look with your various favorite hairstyles, but they'll also let you feel how they rest on your face. If you're someone who can't stand having hair graze your eyebrows and forehead, they probably aren't for you.