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4 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Ben Barnes, A Confident Leo

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Ben Barnes, who's currently making viewers swoon as the mysterious General Kirigan in Shadow and Bone, also likes to play things close to the vest IRL — especially when it comes to his love life. Despite years in the spotlight, almost nothing is known about who Barnes has dated because he's yet to confirm a romance. While he might not be forthcoming about his love life, astrology can offer hints about who could potentially be the right person for him by considering which zodiac signs are most compatible with Ben Barnes.

Barnes was born Aug. 20, 1981, under the sign of Leo. In some ways, Barnes is atypical of his sign, as they tend to show off their romantic conquests and are proud to highlight the person on their arm. Of course, Barnes could just keep his circle of trust tight, which makes sense because Leo is also very protective of the ones they love, and in this case, putting their relationship in the spotlight could be harmful to a potential partner. Not only is Leo very loyal, but they're also emotionally generous and loving. They're affectionate, open, and give their whole heart when they fall in love. While some signs in the zodiac are reticent to open up in that way, Leo's confidence makes allowing themselves to be vulnerable easier. They have a natural optimism and passion for life, and are drawn to people who share that same zeal for adventure and drive to live each day to the fullest. This is why they make for such a great match with the following zodiac signs.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

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When Leo pairs up with fellow fire sign Aries, things are going to get hot. Both are known for their passion, and they enjoy the excitement of pursuing their partners. They live for the chase! And while their initial connection is based on attraction and physical chemistry, these two are just as well suited out of bed, because they share a lust for life and new experiences. They're optimists who rarely let obstacles stand in their way or allow inevitable disappointments to keep them down for long. While their shared boldness and confidence can make for an exciting relationship, it can also result in a fiery one if they allow their otherwise friendly competition to become a battle for power. Learning to compromise will be key if they want to stay together over the long haul.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

A relationship with Gemini is likely to feed both Leo’s soul and their ego, which they don't mind one bit. Leo lives for attention and the feeling of being adored, so Gemini’s natural curiosity and quick wit make them a perfect fit. Gemini, for their part, is looking for a partner who can surprise them, intrigue them, and hold their interest by keeping them on their toes. Leo has the charm and charisma to do just that. Together, these two are a power couple provided they avoid their most common pitfall: becoming too enmeshed and self-involved. Leo and Gemini can sometimes get so wrapped up in each other that they forget or shut out the other people and responsibilities in their lives. Boundaries and maintaining a sense of individuality are important for these two to remember.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22)

The connection between Leo and Libra is all about the heart. Libra is by far the most romantic of the air signs, and the most driven to be in a relationship. That's thanks to their connection to Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty. The duality of being a couple appeals to their desire for balance and harmony, so they share Leo’s desire for commitment and love in their life. They're also drawn to aesthetics, and regal Leo is a feast for Libra’s eyes. In return, Leo is loving, affectionate, and happy to bask in the glow of Libra’s appreciation. When life is good, it's smooth sailing for Libra and Leo. Where they struggle, however, is in how they deal with the difficulties that naturally arise over the course of a relationship. They're both conflict-averse and would rather sweep any issues under the rug, but in the long term, this can lead to resentment rather than resolution. Learning to deal with things more directly as a team is make-or-break for these two.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

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In Sagittarius, Leo finds their ultimate partner for adventure. Sagittarius' free spirit is inspirational for Leo, who has plenty of curiosity and passion, but sometimes needs someone to take them by the hand and encourage them to try new things. They have so much fun exploring and experimenting, both in and out of the bedroom, because the chemistry between these two fire signs is seriously hot. But Leo can't forget to give Sag plenty of personal space, because it can be hard for Leo to not always feel like the center of their partner's world. If Leo holds on too tight, Sagittarius is guaranteed to pull away even more. Finding a balance between time together and apart can be challenging for Leo, but essential if they want to stay together forever.

Lucky for everyone obsessed with Barnes ATM, Leo can be compatible with just about anyone thanks to their sense of loyalty and adventure. If you can bring out the best in Leo and encourage them to try new things, you're already their perfect match, whether you're astrologically compatible or not.