Libra and Gemini are two of the most compatible astrological signs
3 Zodiac Sign Pairings That Have The Most Fun On Dates

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As the great Lizzo says, "Truth hurts," so I'm just going to come out with it: Some zodiac signs are just more exciting than others. And you know I'm not biased, because — as a Scorpio — I'm not one of those fun-loving signs. "Fun" is subjective, of course, but certain signs just know better than others how to have a good time. And when it comes to the most compatible astrological signs who have fun on dates, I can think of a few matches that are truly a party of two.

A fun date feels comfortable, easy, and endlessly entertaining. When you're having an amazing time with someone, you won't feel compelled to pull out your phone or take refuge from the boredom in the restaurant's bathroom. You'll covertly cancel those secret plans in which your roommate planned to rescue you from the date with a made-up emergency phone call. By the end of a fun date, your sides should hurt from laughing so much. Whether they're rock climbing, racing Go Karts, or just swapping stories over drinks, these sign pairings are bound to hit it off — and if you're one of them, you should ask out your fun-loving soulmate ASAP.

Aries & Aquarius
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Aries and Aquarius are both full of boundless energy, so when they get together, the possibilities are infinite. Aquarians are a quirky bunch, and you know that when they suggest a date idea, it's going to be out of the ordinary. But bold and courageous Aries are always down for anything, which makes them a pretty ideal match for Aquarians. Both signs also tend to be somewhat impulsive, so while these two may get into some trouble together, they're going to have a good time doing it.

Drama? Aries and Aquarius don't know her. These two signs just want to let the good times roll, and they'd much rather discuss their next adventure than their — *shudders* — feelings. Sure, these two flighty signs may cancel plans on each other and get into petty arguments (as they both love to push other people's buttons). But when they go on dates, they're always on the same page when it comes to having fun.

Libra & Gemini

Libras and Geminis are both known for being whip-smart, so when you put them together, their rapport is truly magical. These air signs are also both charming and friendly as heck, and even while they're locked in a battle of wits, it's likely to remain good-natured and fun. As seekers of balance, Libras just want everyone to have a good time, and Geminis are more than happy to oblige with their kind, charismatic personalities.

It's an interest dynamic between these two, as Geminis are impulsive and restless, and Libras like to take it slow and think things through. Of course, Libras also aim to please, so whatever exciting thing a Gemini wants to do, a Libra will probably go along for the ride. These two tend to trust each other, and once a Gemini manages to loosen a Libra up, this pairing will have a good time doing just about anything.

Leo & Sagittarius
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As two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius are full of passion, verve, and a desire to constantly be in motion. These signs have a desire to get the most out of life that they can, so when they date, they'll want to try everything together. Leos and Sagittarians also tend to be opinionated and equipped with a strong sense of self. Conversations between these two never falter (even if sometimes they attempt to talk over each other).

You know those two people in the restaurant who are unapologetically loud and laughing like they're the only couple in the room? They're probably a Leo and a Sagittarius, and they don't really care if you're annoyed by them or not. Even if Sagittarians don't necessarily give Leos all the attention they crave, a Sagittarius is so carefree and optimistic that a Leo will love laughing and enjoying life with one regardless.

Anyone with chemistry can have an incredible time together on a date. However, when these zodiac signs go on a date, fun isn't an objective — it's an inevitability.