15 Painfully Relatable Breakup Memes That'll Make You LOL Nonstop

by Christy Piña

There's no denying breakups can be rough. Whether you were together for weeks, months, or years, the end almost always stings — even just a little. The way you cope after a breakup varies per person, per relationship. Some like to drown their sorrows in junk food and wine, some like to keep busy, and others like to laugh their sadness away one meme at a time. Memes are food for the soul (or something like that), and breakup memes that are so painfully relatable are the perfect place to start when you need a good post-breakup laugh.

Life after a breakup means adjusting to a whole new life without your ex, and sometimes that adjustment period can feel never-ending. But I'm here to tell you it gets better, I promise. I know that may not be what you want to hear right now, or maybe ever, but it's true. You're not alone. You have your friends, your family, and every other pretty lady who has gone through the same thing you're going through right now to relate to. But if you'd rather deal with it alone, revel in these 15 hilarious memes that might help relieve a bit of the sadness, or at least make you LOL.

Yeah, Yeah. I Know. You Told Me So.
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Sometimes, the person you love may not be exactly who you need in your life. But you love who you love, and despite how many times your friends and family told you bae wasn't good for you, you wanted them all the same. So yes, bring on the "I told you so's!" That's definitely what I need right now.

Hi, Yes, Give Me Attention
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One of the not-so-horrible things about a breakup? All the hotties that slid into your DMs while you were in a relationship. Hi! Yes, give me attention.

They Will Definitely Talk About Me Forever
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Sorry not sorry!

I'm Sorry, But I'm A Little Busy With My Own Closure At The Moment
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PSA: Everyone's curious, I get it! I'd be curious too. But now is not the time to ask (: (:

D*mn Right
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There are no words for this perfection. None.

The Worst
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Heartbreak sucks, you're right. You know what else sucks? Feeling yourself and forgetting to take an #OOTD.

I Appreciate It. Don't Come Again.
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Yes, thank you so much for teasing me! I really enjoyed talking to you nonstop for two weeks, only to have you drop off the face of the planet on day 15.

This Is So Real.
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Cuffing season is basically here, y'all. The "I miss you" texts are coming. Don't fall for it! It's just the looming loneliness of the coming season.

Your Freaking Loss
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When someone who meant so much to you comes crawling back, it can be really freaking hard to turn them down. But before you give in, remember your worth. You deserve someone who knows letting go of you would be the biggest mistake of their lives without having to test the theory, not someone who leaves, and then realizes it.

The Kind Of Support I Need In My Life At 41 Years Old
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As much as you may want to solely rely on yourself in the post-breakup haze, don't feel like you have to. Your friends and family want to help. It's their job! You'd be there for them, so let them be there for you.

Eventually, You Will
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Ah, Adele — the queen of breakups herself! If you're not feeling very "wish you nothing but the best" quite yet, eventually you will. Once you've gotten your closure, accepted the relationship is over, and gone through your stages of grief, you'll want the best for them, too. (Probably.)

Because Why Would Life Ever Go Easy On Me?
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You know those moments where life just seems too good to be true, and then something comes out of nowhere like, "Hahaha, psych! You thought." Well, if your breakup seems like just that, don't fret. Ross knows the feeling.

It's Fine, I'm Fine
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When life decides it's time to fall apart and cause you four-too-many meltdowns, by the fifth, the only thing you can really do is dance it out. Life truly comes and goes, and it's going to really suck every once in a while, but it will get better. It's an endless cycle of ups and downs, and sometimes, all you can do is embrace it.

Good Luck To The Next Person
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Everyone has baggage, and depending on how bad your breakup was, the person who comes along next may have to deal with more of it from you than usual. If they're not up for the challenge, then it's their loss. You'll find someone who wants to be there for all of it — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

All Three, Please
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Sometimes after a breakup, you just need a hug, tequila, and sleep. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Take your time, pretties. There's no set-in-stone post-breakup timeline you have to follow. If you need months to come to terms with the breakup, then so be it. If you're OK after just a few weeks, or even days, that's fine too. Go at your own pace, and when you're ready to move on with your life, you will. Don't rush it, and remember: It does get better.

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