Friends cheersing, clinking glasses to show each zodiac sign has a drink that goes with it.

Your Zodiac Sign's Go-To Drink, Explained

Ever wondered why you're so obsessed with iced coffee? The stars have an answer for that.

Have you ever wondered why you love scalding hot tea in the middle of the summer? Or why you simply cannot start you day without a sparkling water? Astrology could hold the key to those questions. You know this cosmic resource can explain your most fated connections or tell you the Ted Lasso character you are — but it can also reveal your basic likes and dislikes when it comes to your all-time favorite beverage. Each zodiac sign has a drink that goes with it, so whether you’re a fiery Aries who likes drinks topped with cayenne pepper, or a reserved Virgo who prefers an iced tea (with no ice), astrology can explain it away.

Just like your personality traits, your tastebuds are a part of you that you don’t exactly have control over. The reason why you’re not a fan of plain old water has got to be written in the stars, right? Leave it up to astrology to interpret why you’re go-to drink is one that others can’t stand. The difference in your palette is a reminder that there are parts of you that you simply don’t get to choose, so if you’re looking for a reason to blame the stars for why you love bloody marys, look no further.

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Aries: Torchlight Cocktail

As the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, it comes as no surprise that you like your drinks with a little kick. Incredibly assertive, your ideal beverage is one that catches your attention within the first sip. The torchlight cocktail promises to do that off the bat, as it includes tequila, cayenne pepper, and hot sauce. As a cardinal sign, you need a drink that can keep you interested or you’ll leave it half full. This drink provides you with the excitement you’re looking for, and is also impressive to order at the bar. (We all know how competitive you can be).

Taurus: Iced Vanilla Latte

As an earth sign, you like a drink that’s slightly understated but still packs a necessary punch. Drinks that have a purpose — like caffeinated ones — pique your interest, but as a fixed sign, you don’t tend to switch up your Starbucks order too often. As someone who has a bit more of a difficult time getting things going, a surge of caffeine is a sure way to get you out of bed in the morning. With a bit of vanilla for your sweet tooth, this drink encompasses your personality effortlessly, and it keeps you pleasantly satisfied.

Gemini: Upside Down Caramel Macchiato

You like to keep things interesting, and ordering your beverages “upside down” is the perfect way to keep you coming back for more. As a mutable sign, you love surprises, and you’re known notoriously among your friends as someone who says “surprise me” to the Starbucks barista. Ordering drinks in a way that’s fun and unconventional is the perfect way to pique your curiosity as you wonder what flavor you’re going to get hit with first. A caramel macchiato is a drink with many different elements, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of your top five favorite drinks because, let’s be honest, you can’t pick just one.

Cancer: Hot Chocolate

You’re one of the most nostalgic zodiac signs, so it comes as no surprise that your go-to drink would be an all-time favorite from your childhood. You love the feeling that hot chocolate brings you: Every time you take a sip, you’re taken back to your adolescence. This drink is like happiness in a cup, and can fill you up with that warm fuzzy feeling you love so much. While ordering a hot chocolate in the summer may get you a few funny looks, it’s your staple, no matter the weather.

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Leo: Mimosa

Keeping things to your standards is something you take pride in, and a mimosa is the perfect way to enjoy champagne first thing in the morning without getting side-eye glances. Usually topped with orange juice, this drink is the perfect thing to perk yourself up on a Sunday afternoon with your friends. As a fixed sign, you don’t tend to get too fancy with your beverages; as a fire sign, you like when things are straightforward. Whether you’re hitting up your fave brunch spot or making them at home, you hardly ever get bored of this orange juice with a twist.

Virgo: Iced Tea

As an earth sign, you like to keep things as simple and no frills as possible. Iced tea offers you that, no question. This is a beverage that offers subtle flavor, and like you, doesn’t have to be too overbearing to get the job done. As a bit of a perfectionist, you definitely have that one spot that you consider to have the best iced tea, and for some strange reason no other place can make it like they do. The good thing is, this drink is simple enough that it’s hard to mess up, and as someone who stays busy, you really appreciate the reliability of it.

Libra: Chai Tea Latte

You’ve definitely got a bit of a sweet tooth, and a chai tea latte is the drink that’s right up your alley. As an air sign, you like to switch things up from time to time, so you may add a pump of vanilla or a shot of espresso when you’re feeling fancy. Overall, though, you live for the sweet simplicity of this beverage, so it continues to be your staple. Being Venus-ruled, you love a drink that indulges your senses, and from the smell to the taste, this drink is the perfect one for you.

Scorpio: Bloody Mary

You like a drink that excites your tastebuds, and the bloody mary encompasses your intensity with ease. As a notoriously unpopular cocktail, this drink isn’t for the faint of heart — and as a Mars-ruled water sign, neither are you. This drink combines vodka and tomato juice (though you can also make it nonalcoholic) with an array of different spices, creating an intense flavor that only a Scorpio could fully appreciate. As the most misunderstood zodiac sign, it makes perfect sense that a bloody mary would be your go-to.

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Sagittarius: Kombucha

As the mutable fire sign of the bunch, you love a drink that keeps you guessing, which is exactly what kombucha does. It’s one of those drinks that has a very specific taste — and, like you, people either love it or can’t stand it. You’re unapologetically yourself at all times, and this drink is definitely as straightforward as you are. As someone who loves a good challenge, I could see you making this drink yourself and even teaching others the ropes.

Capricorn: Black Coffee

As a cardinal sign, you need a drink that cuts straight to the chase. You also tend to go the more classic, traditional route when it comes to your beverages, and black coffee offers you just that. This no-frills drink is chock-full off caffeine to fuel you with enough energy to get all of your work done.

Aquarius: Green Tea Latte

As the rebel sign of the zodiac, it comes as no surprise that you like a drink that’s a little... different. Sporting a greenish hue, a green tea latte is a beverage that gets heads turning, and is an easy conversation-starter when people see you waltzing around with it. As an air sign, a fun drink that gets people talking is right up your alley — and it doesn’t taste half bad, either.

Pisces: Sparkling Water

As the mutable water sign of the zodiac, it’s imperative that you stay hydrated. Sparkling water allows you to do that with a little twist added. You tend to get bored pretty easily, so adding bubbles or flavor to your water is an excellent way for you to spruce up an otherwise flavorless drink. You can even experiment with hard seltzers if you’re in the mood. The possibilities are endless.