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After going to the concert, here's everything you need to know about the Jonas Brothers' The Tour wi...
I Went To The Jonas Brothers’ The Tour & Here’s What To Know

You’re gonna wanna remember this.

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It’s not just the weather outside — things are burnin’ up this summer, thanks to the Jonas Brothers. Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas are revisiting five of their six studio albums on their own version of an eras tour, which is simply titled The Tour. The band of brothers kicked off The Tour in NYC with two sold-out shows at Yankee Stadium, which included some surprise guests, light-up wristbands, and a career-spanning set list. As they’ve moved on to the next shows on the schedule, some things have changed along the way. To better prepare you for your night with the JoBros, here’s everything you need to know about The Tour.

I actually attended both nights of the Jonas Brothers’ The Tour at Yankee Stadium, so I went into my concert experience totally blind. This meant I ended up stuck in the rain night one, because I totally forgot that an outside concert is susceptible to the changing weather. I also wasn’t aware at the time that it’s such a long show — they really aren’t lying when they say it’s five albums in one night. Tracking how the tour has been going since my shows on TikTok, I can confidently say I’ve put together a Jonas Brothers’ The Tour survival guide for other fans to follow. From everything like things to bring in your bag to the best Jonas Brothers’ Tour outfits, here’s what to know so you aren’t a sucker for Nick, Joe, and Kevin.

Make Some Friendship Bracelets (And Rings) To Exchange
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There are a lot of similarities between the Jonas Brothers’ The Tour and Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. Along with light-up bracelets that are being handed out at most shows once you enter (Boston Night Two was an exception), fans are also exchanging friendship bracelets at the concert. However, JoBros fans are taking this trend to the next level by making friendship rings, inspired by the boys’ purity rings they used to wear in their Disney Channel days. So, get a kit before your show, and make some bracelets and rings with different lyrics and song titles to exchange.

Look Back At Every Era Of The JoBros For Your Outfit Inspo

Just like the Eras Tour and Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, this is a chance for you to really dress up — and some fans are going all out. Several people were wearing outfits inspired by when the Jonas Brothers competed on the Disney Channel Games, which is a fun group costume. However, you can also keep it simple by wearing an OOTD inspired by what the JoBros used to wear in the early aughts. Think vests, infinity scarves, and lots of swooping bangs. The more camp (rock), the better.

When Packing Your Bag, Don’t Forget It’s The Summer Baby

First, be sure to check your venue’s bag policy. Once you know whether there are size restrictions or if you need a clear bag, you can start packing. Along with a portable charger to keep you going through the entire set, you’ll also want to be prepared for any weather. I was caught in the rain and really wished I had brought a poncho or umbrella. But it was also super hot at night in NYC, so a fan was a must-have as well. I recommend bringing a little fan to keep you cool, and if possible, an empty water bottle to fill up once you get inside.

Don’t Hold Your Breath For A Surprise Guest Every Night
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The Jonas Brothers have teased that there will be surprise guests on The Tour, but that’s not always the case. While both nights in NYC had guests like Big Rob for “Burnin’ Up” and Kirk Franklin and Jon Bellion for their song “Walls,” night two also had Jimmy Fallon come out after the intermission. Boston also had inconsistent surprise guests: Night one had TikTok sensation DJ Crazy Times and Ms. Biljana Electronica singing “Planet of the Bass,” while night two didn’t have anyone. So, don’t get your hopes up if you no one shows up for your concert. At least you have Nick, Joe, and Kevin, and you might get to go home just a tad bit earlier.

Refresh Your Memory On Some Older Lyrics, Like Joe

Joe is notoriously bad at remembering lyrics to some of the older Jonas Brothers songs, and honestly, it’s relatable. Some of these songs from their self-titled album, Jonas Brothers, you haven’t heard since it was released in 2007. Give yourself a break if you can’t scream-sing every line from “Hollywood” or “Australia.” It’s been 16 years. Of course, you could give yourself a crash course ahead of time by studying their set list. Just know that many of the songs are shortened into medleys, so you won’t have to know every single word.

Know That The Show Is Organized Into Each Era Chronologically

While Swift mixed up her eras, the Jonas Brothers are doing things chronologically. That means the first half of the show covers Jonas Brothers and A Little Bit Longer, and the second half is Lines, Vines, Trying Times with Happiness Begins. They do sprinkle in tracks from their latest album, The Album, during both halves, and give a moment to their solo eras with Nick singing “Jealous” and Joe singing DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean.” So, you could say it’s a five albums, one night show with some extras thrown in.

However, there are no songs from Camp Rock on the set list, and just like Swift ignored her debut album during the Eras Tour, the Jonas Brothers’ It’s About Time is left out as well. It truly is a bummer for us OG fans, who just want to hear “Please Be Mine” and “Mandy” live one more time.

Don’t Be A Sucker For Those Merch Lines

I wish I had known ahead of time that all the Jonas Brothers merch being sold at the venue is also available online. It would have saved me so much time not having to wait in line by just buying it ahead of time. For now, nothing is show-exclusive, so don’t waste your time and use it to go to the bathroom and get some snacks. (Have I mentioned already it’s a long show?)

Think About Your Seating If You Want To Look Them In The Eyes

For both nights, I was in the stands rather than on the floor. I’ve seen the Jonas Brothers plenty of times, so just being there is enough for me. I don’t need to spend $800 on VIP Jonas Brothers tickets. However, if you want the chance to look them in the eyes or even talk to them, you’ll want to splurge on those VIP packages — more specifically, the Ultimate Wings Lounge VIP Package. A more central seat will also give you a better view of the entire stage, along with the fireworks that go off behind them.

Don't Get Stressed About Getting There Early

There is an opening act for The Tour, Lawrence, who do a great job at pumping up the crowd beforehand, but don’t stress yourself out trying to get to the venue too early. Since merch isn’t a must like it was at the Eras Tour, you can take your time. Even the Jonas Brothers were late getting on stage when I went in New York. They said they’d be on at 8 p.m., but both nights it was close to 8:30 p.m. Just give yourself enough time to get some snacks, go to the bathroom, and find your seat before they take the stage.

Plan Your Bathroom Break Around The Intermission
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If you do find yourself running late to the show, there’s an intermission. The last song before the break is “Burnin’ Up,” which closes out their A Little Bit Longer section. To avoid long lines, just make sure you’re ready to head to the restroom as soon as the song ends. This is also a great time to grab some snacks or refill your water bottle for part two.