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Joe Had The Funniest Reaction To A Viral TikTok Of The JoBros Forgetting Their Lyrics

It’s true, they’re only human.

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The Jonas Brothers are back! Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas kicked off their Remember This tour in Las Vegas on Aug. 20. If you happen to be on the JoBros side of TikTok, you may have seen footage from their concert from fans in attendance. One video of the band forgetting lyrics to their song “Hold On” had people LOL-ing, and from Joe Jonas’ reaction to the TikTok, it seems he’s laughing too. Honestly, what a relief, because that TikTok was mine — surprise!

As a longtime JoBros fan, I’ve seen them in concert over a dozen times. My first show was actually in 2007 when the “Hold On” music video could be seen all over the Disney Channel. Since then, the Jonas Brothers have released more music as a band and through their various solo projects. With so many songs under their belt, it’s totally understandable that they’d have a brain fart from time to time. It’s even been revealed that Joe needs a teleprompter on stage to remember the lyrics sometimes, so seeing him have moments of forgetfulness on stage is just part of any JoBros experience.

Rachel Chapman

Of course, having not been to a concert since I last saw the Jonas Brothers last in Dec. 2019, I was also feeling a bit rusty myself. Seeing both Joe and Nick mess up in “Hold On” was relatable, so I felt like I needed to share that hilarious moment with my fellow Jonas Brothers fans. I edited the TikTok, made a joke about how it should be called the “Can’t Remember This” tour, and that was that. I never would have expected it would blow up the way it did.

By the next day, it had over a million views with fans commenting hilarious things, like “they’re only human” (a reference to their single “Only Human”). One fan even joked that this should have been Kevin’s time to take the spotlight because he didn’t mess up once. There were also a few dedicated fans who volunteered to take the stage and sing for Joe if he ever needed the help. That was when Joe commented on the video with a smirk emoji and shared it on his Instagram Story.

Joe Jonas/Instagram

Having Joe acknowledge the TikTok and laugh along only made people love him more. From his hilarious birthday posts and wonderful gift-giving skills, it’s always been clear that Joe has an amazing sense of humor. And it seems he’s a great note-taker as well, because fans who were there for night two of the Remember This tour in Vegas said that the Jonas Brothers performed “Hold On” perfectly. I guess you could chalk it up to opening night jitters, but I was glad to have captured this special moment in the Jonas Brothers concert. The Remember This tour is supposed to be a unique experience each night.

While they do have a planned setlist that includes all the hits like “Year 3000,” “Sucker,” and “Burnin’ Up,” there is a moment in each show where the Jonas Brothers will play a throwback request from the audience. Night one, they played “Shelf” from their album A Little Bit Longer, and on night two, they performed “When You Look Me in the Eyes” from their self-titled album. It varies each show, which is why a lot of fans like to see them multiple times if they can.

I’m actually going to see the Jonas Brothers again when they finish off their tour at the Hollywood Bowl in October, and I cannot wait. Whether the Jonas Brothers remember every lyric or not, you know it’s always going to be a good time at the Remember This tour.