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The JLo TikTok Super Bowl challenge was popular after her 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show.
TikTokers Recreated Super Bowl Halftime Show Dances, & They're On Point

Remember the #JLoSuperBowlChallenge?

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Are you still daydreaming about The Weeknd’s mesmerizing 2021 Super Bowl halftime show or Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's energetic 2020 performance? Will you ever stop swooning over Beyoncé’s moves from her performances in 2013 and 2016? If you're nodding your head in agreement, you'll be excited to hear that TikTok Super Bowl halftime dances are aplenty on the app and always on point. With creators mastering specific moves from previous halftime shows and then sharing their own performances and challenges on TikTok, you need to see them ASAP — and maybe even try to emulate them yourself.

Ahead of Super Bowl 2023, you may want to revisit the Beyoncé TikTok challenge and the J.Lo and Shakira TikTok challenge that recreate (or are very loosely inspired by) the performers’ halftime dance routines. Not only can you learn some pretty epic moves, but you can also get hyped for another jaw-dropping performance. This year, Rihanna is set to take the Super Bowl stage, so naturally, everyone can’t wait to see what potential TikTok dance challenges will come out of this year’s event. But, in the meantime, you have to watch these Super Bowl halftime show dance recreations on TikTok while you prepare for Feb. 12.

Warning: These videos may inspire you to get up and dance. While you’re at it, consider creating your own TikTok to post this Super Bowl Sunday.

This TikToker Recreates J.Lo’s Halftime Dance Routine

The key to recreating any halftime show dance on TikTok is giving each move your all. In this video, dancing creator @enola.bedard makes sure every step is timed perfectly and jam-packed with energy. You'll want to watch this video over and over again to perfect your own moves and channel J.Lo.

This TikToker Uses The Clone Effect

The effects on TikTok can take your videos to the next level. See for yourself with @laurieelle's video that recreates J.Lo’s choreography from her 2020 Super Bowl performance. Even though she’s crushing the dance totally solo, the TikToker’s use of the clone trio effect gives her a whole squad to dance with — kind of like having backup dancers.

This TikToker Dances Alongside Jennifer Lopez

If you're going to recreate J.Lo and Shakira's Super Bowl dance routine, then it's only right to put one of the pop stars on your TV screen to dance next to. That's exactly what @jarred_manista does in this video, showcasing his precise on beat choreography. Every time you watch it, you will get the same adrenaline rush you did during the amazing 2020 halftime show.

This TikToker Takes On Beyoncé's 2013 Performance

Beyoncé headlined at the Super Bowl in 2013, and it was iconic — remember the surprise Destiny’s Child performance? Her "End of Time" intro was so influential it turned into a massive TikTok challenge years later. In this TikTok, @palitembe absolutely slays the performance and even adds a fake microphone to the routine for the full effect.

This TikToker Was Shakira’s Super Bowl Backup Dancer

OK, to be fair, @chanelcartel_ was actually one of Shakira’s dancers at the Super Bowl. So, if you're going to make your own Super Bowl halftime show-inspired TikTok, this is certainly a great example to follow, but there’s also no need to hold yourself to her literal Super Bowl LIV level. But seriously, her moves will blow you away.

This TikToker Channels Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Dancers From 2016

Showing off yet another Super Bowl performance by Queen Bey, takes on Beyoncé’s 2016 choreography. Specifically recreating her "Formation" dance breakdown, this TikToker has his moves exactly in sync with Beyoncé and her dancers. Emulating one of the superstar’s most iconic dance performances is no easy feat.

This TikToker Emulates The Weeknd’s Halftime Show Dancers

Out of all reactions to The Weeknd's amazing halftime show, the memes were probably the biggest response. The singer isn’t known for much dancing himself, but his dancers certainly put on a massive, intricately choreographed show. And that’s exactly what TikTok user @melissaperryyyy recreated — clad in a loosely inspired costume.

This TikToker Mirrors Bruno Mars In 2016

Who could forget Bruno Mars’ appearance at the 2016 Pepsi Halftime Show? Everyone should thank Coldplay (the show’s actual headliner) for inviting Mars and Beyoncé to perform with them. Check out @yayo.yair’s impressive recreation of “Uptown Funk” for another example of flawless TikTok Super Bowl halftime dance routines.

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