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These Are The Top TikTok Challenges Of 2022 You Won’t Want To Miss

Hop on these sounds and hashtags while they’re still trending.

by Andrea Hannah
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Another year, another chance to hop on the latest TikTok challenge. You may have turned the page in your planner to 2022, but trends and challenges on TikTok are still going strong, and it’s the perfect time to try one out for yourself. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out some of the most viral TikTok challenges for January and February 2022 listed here. Then, get your camera ready to roll.

Just because it’s called a TikTok “challenge” doesn’t mean it’s actually that hard to pull off. Some of the most popular TikTok challenges are actually really fun and silly. Trending TikTok challenges can include everything from hilarious dances to recording your own application to be someone’s significant other. There are viral TikTok challenges that include saying certain words, lip syncing with your bestie, or using certain trending effects that TikTok just dropped. Honestly, when it comes to TikTok, the less seriously you take yourself, the better.

That said, if hamming it up for the internet isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of TikTok challenges you can participate in. There are some seriously wholesome challenges out there, like the “making baked oats” challenge of autumn 2021, where everyone showed off their semi-healthy breakfast concoctions. You could also #learnsomethingnew while you’re scrolling through your TikTok #fyp, or you could learn to sew, explore nature, or learn to read your own astrological chart through astrology TikTok.

Ready to get started? Be sure to hop on this month’s top TikTok challenges while they’re still trending.

In 2022 I Will Filter


Just in time to ring in the new year, this “In 2022 I Will” filter is spreading like wildfire on TikTok. Just choose it from the trending effects before you tap record. A box will pop up over your head with a “message” stating what you’ll be up to in 2022. Some of the options are silly (“be hungry?”) while others are a little more profound.


Whether you want to show off your skills or pick up a new one, you’ll want to spend some time scrolling through the #LearnSomethingNew hashtag. TikTokers are taking on the challenge of sharing what they know as well as picking up a new skill in 2022. You’ll find everything from cooking, to juggling, to changing a tire, and more under this hashtag.


TikTokers are taking on the challenge of starting (or continuing) their manifestation journals into 2022. Some are even showing off their affirmations, goals, and big to-do lists, so there are plenty of ideas on how to fill your own journal. You could even scrapbook the pages like @vickys_journal_tt does in her own.

Shoot For The Sky


Grab your invisible bow and arrow and pretend you’re Cupid in this adorable TikTok challenge. Start by having someone take a video of you pretending to shoot an arrow toward the sky. Then, when you “release,” have them quickly tap the sky so your video focuses in on the clouds and colors, which makes it look like you just lit it up in a burst of pastel rainbows.

The 7 Second Video

TikTokers have been experimenting with the algorithm and cashing in on more views with the 7 second video method. To do this one, just post a video that has enough text on screen that it’ll take a viewer at least seven seconds to read through. That way, the algorithm picks up that they’re hanging out on your page longer, and you may even show up in more #fyps in the future.

Text & Emoji Chomp


Drop some techno, Pac-Man-like beats into the background of the “chomp” viral trend and put up four blocks of texts and/or emojis around your face. When the chomping sound comes on, pretend you’re eating the text, and at the end, you’ll “spit out” something that combines all of the things you ate.


To do this trend, search the hashtags for #thatlldoit. Then, use the sound that comes up of a woman laughing and saying, “You don’t have to worry about me, you do not have to worry ‘bout me.” It’s great to use for any content you want to post about something you won’t be putting up with in the future.



To celebrate the elite athletes of the Olympics games, @nbcolympics started the #EverydayOlympian hashtag and spotlighted a few adorable kids. To participate in this challenge, you can post your own take on a winter Olympic sport, like this adorable kid “curling” with his parents’ frying pan. Or you can go ahead and humblebrag a bit about how you’re a hero in your everyday life, like this woman who’s delivered 100 babies.

Show Us Your Drawers

This wholesome challenge asks TikTokers to open up their drawers, pantries, and cabinets to the public for a little viewing sesh. If you swoon over color-coding and seamless organization, it’ll feel like a dream to watch TikTokers show off their crisp and clean drawers. You can even show off some of your own with the hashtag #ShowUsYourDrawers

Core Memories

Like in the movie Inside Out, TikTokers are recording snippets of events that are sure to become “core memories,” or memories that form a part of their personality going forward. These can be hilarious takes on childhood, or a time you did something really ridiculous, or even something super sweet. It all counts when you’re making memories.

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