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Friends check out a TikTok filter like the "In 2022 I Will" filter on their phone.
Try TikTok’s Viral “In 2022 I Will” Filter For A Celeb-Approved Prediction

I hope I get “become famous.”

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The start of the new year is full of hope for the good things to come, and TikTok is ready to predict exactly what you’ll be doing in 2022. The “In 2022 I Will” filter is currently trending on the platform with everyone from Charli D’Amelio to Lizzo trying it out. If you’re not someone who is constantly glued to their FYP, you may not know how to get the “In 2022 I Will” filter developed by TikToker @baruchgeuze, so let’s break it down.

Similar to other TikTok filters, you can find this one in your “Effects” library at the bottom left of your screen when creating a new TikTok video. It’ll be under the “Trending” tab with its “In 2022 I Will” icon. Click on that and the screen will prompt you to show your face. Once you do, a text bubble will appear over your head with the prompt “In 2022 I Will...” As soon as you press record, the filter will shuffle through its options and land on its prediction for your future. The filter has everything from “become famous” to “get a dog” or even “party all year.”

While getting a puppy or striving hard to go viral on TikTok is your actual 2022 New Year’s resolution, you should definitely take whatever you get with a grain of salt. In fact, a lot of the best TikToks featuring the “In 2022 I Will” filter are super LOL-worthy with how wrong they are. So, try the filter out for yourself to see what you get. If you’d like to see more inspo before recording, here are nine “In 2022 I Will” filter TikToks.

Noah Beck & Charli D’Amelio Plan To Get More Famous

Noah Beck may already have over 31 million followers on TikTok, but the app apparently thinks he’ll be getting famous this year. The TikToker went around and filmed everyone in the D’Amelio family with the filter as well, and Charli D’Amelio will apparently also be growing her 132 million followers this year. As far as Dixie D’Amelio goes, TikTok thinks she should get a dog.

Living Your Best Life

TikToker @christuckerlookalike got probably the best outcome from the 2022 filter with “living my best life.” It’s safe to say everyone is hoping 2022 is the best year yet. After manifesting in your journal and setting your New Year’s goal, the only logical next step is to live your best life.

Bretman Rock Would Rather Stay Single

Beauty influencer Bretman Rock is set to “find true love” in 2022. However, Rock has other plans for the year. He’d rather stay in his single era. You know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, though, and Cupid’s arrow is serious. It’s best to stay open even if you’re loving life right now.

Feel Free To Try The Filter As Many Times As You Need

TikToker @spencewuah admits in his video that he tried the filter out at least five times, because he wanted to get a prediction he could stand by. Luckily, he got something he loved... literally. In 2022, @spencewuah is predicted to “find true love.”

Lizzo Is Seeing Dollar Signs In 2022

Lizzo may already be a Grammy-winning icon and your fave celebrity TikTok follow, but the video-sharing app thinks she’s going to “become rich” in 2022. While dollar bills are predicted to be in her near future, the “Rumors” singer’s reaction is priceless. This just means Lizzo’s next album and era are going to be unstoppable, so get ready.

Things Are Looking Good For Sofia Wylie

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star Sofia Wylie is expected to “become rich” in 2022. Hopefully this just means that Season 3 of the beloved Disney+ series will do really well when it comes back, or maybe Wylie will put out her own music like co-stars Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett. Whatever it is, the eyebrow raise at the end of Wylie’s TikTok shows how excited she is to make this happen.

Lili Reinhart Will Be Eating In 2022

A trip to Pop’s Diner is a must for Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart, because TikTok believes she’ll “be hungry” in 2022. The best part about this video is Reinhart’s adorable giggle and “yeah” at the end, proving that she also thinks she’ll be hungry. Here’s a milkshake toast to a fun foodie year for us all.

Wedding Bells May Be In The Future For Finneas

Will Billie Eilish’s brother and record producer Finneas say “I do” in 2022? Well, according to TikTok, the Grammy-winner is expected to “marry somebody” this year. By his slight reaction, he seems a little shocked, but game. Perhaps this means he’ll be proposing to his longtime girlfriend Claudia Sulewski.

Penny The Potato Dog Is Going To Find Love

Out of all the TikTok 2022 predictions, this one for @pennythepotatodog is probably the cutest. The app believes that Penny will “find true love” in 2022. Honestly, it would be adorable to see Penny’s love story unfold on the FYP.

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