Olivia Rodrigo shared her Christmas song "The Bels" she wrote at 5 years old.

Olivia Shared A Christmas Song She Wrote When She Was 5, And It's Honestly Catchy

She was writing hits even as a kid.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Move over, Mariah Carey, there’s a new holiday diva in town! As it turns out, the star on top of the Christmas tree wasn’t the only thing shining bright this holiday season. Singer, songwriter, and actor Olivia Rodrigo has always sparkled in the spotlight, and in her latest Instagram post, it definitely shows. The Grammy-nominated artist shared a Christmas song she wrote when she was only 5 years old, and it's honestly pretty catchy. Olivia Rodrigo's Christmas song “The Bels” is so adorable, it’ll make you want to celebrate the holiday all year ‘round.

While Rodrigo has yet to officially release her own Christmas song, she surprised fans with the ultimate throwback to help celebrate the holidays. “In honor of Christmas Eve may I present to you my very first Christmas song ‘the bels’ written by 5 year old me lol. happy holidays!!!!” she captioned her Dec. 24 Instagram post, which featured two of the cutest photos of herself as a child. In the first, she’s wearing a holiday-themed dress and holding a microphone that’s almost as big as her, and in the second, she’s wearing a Santa hat and posed in front of a tinsel-laden tree. I mean, can Christmas get any cuter?

The song itself is actually really good for Rodrigo only being 5 years old when she wrote it: The production is clean, the lyrics are catchy as all get out, the melody is an ear worm, and Rodrigo’s teeny tiny singing voice is absolutely adorable. When listening to this audio clip, it’s almost impossible to imagine Rodrigo growing up to be anything other than an international pop sensation. When I was 5, I hardly knew how to read — but when Olivia Rodrigo was 5, she was already writing holiday hits with clever lyrics like, “Wait, wait, wait for the bells ring there/Now let me hear it out loud/Santa’s coming to town.” Honestly, your faves could never.

This quality holiday content just goes to show how dedicated Rodrigo has always been as an artist, even as a kid. Here’s to hoping she follows in the footsteps of many other amazing artists before her, and releases a catchy Christmas album soon.