Here's Everything You Should Know About YouTuber Claudia Sulewski

Claudia Sulewski/YouTube/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The internet be weird sometimes. Billie Eilish, 17-year-old music sensation has a brother named Finneas O'Connell. O'Connell has been working in the industry since before his younger sister blew up in popularity. He was on Glee and now helps Eilish write her songs and plays guitar in her band. But the sibling duo is the topic of weird internet conversation for something that has nothing to do with the music. O'Connell is dating Claudia Sulewski, a person who, the internet feels, looks exactly like Billie Eilish. Wowza. OK, so now that this line of thinking is a thing, who is Claudia Sulewski? If you're an Eilish fan, you may now just be getting introduced to her, but if you're into the world of YouTube beauty vloggers, you already knew her.

To start with the obvious, Sulewski is dating O'Connell and is tight with Eilish as a result. She's had her own band of followers long before she got involved with O'Connell, though. She's a verified Instagram influencer with 1.2 million followers, for goodness sake. On YouTube, she's just shy of two million subscribers. Her content consists of mainly beauty tutorials, but she also creates vlogs from her various trips, like the trip to Australia she took with O'Connell as part of Eilish's tour. They also hit up Coachella together (at which Eilish and O'Connell performed), and yup! There's a vlog for that! According to the "about" section on her YouTube channel, she's been a YouTube user since November 2009.

She also appears to have been part of multiple fictional YouTube series created by AwesomenessTV (Versus, The Commute, and t@gged), but it doesn't look like that's a thing anymore based on the most up-to-date content on her channel.

So, to sum this all up: She's an immensely talented beauty influencer and actor who happens to date O'Connell in her free time!

You can check out their Australian trip together here. (There are clips from the show he and Eilish did in the land down under.)

Sulewski has also posted a bunch of photos of her and O'Connell together on the 'Gram.

It seems like their relationship started about a year ago, according to the first Instagram she posted with him.

Sulewski and O'Connell also show their love for each other on Twitter.

Sulewski's tweet posted on July 7 was a retweet of a BuzzFeed video of O'Connell, during which he explains the inspiration behind his song, "Claudia."

"I wrote the song 'Claudia' about Claudia the day that I met Claudia, and I sent it to her the night that I met Claudia," he says in the video.

"This is incredible," Sulewski said in her tweet about the video.

Other tweets they don't acknowledge, however, are the ones where fans of Eilish talk about how they feel Sulewski, O'Connell's girlfriend, looks like Eilish, O'Connell's sister.

That is... yikes. I really don't see much of a resemblance.

This is Eilish.

This is Sulewski.

I mean, I guess you can say they look similar, if hair and eye color are all you see when you look at someone (because their dark hair and light eyes are literally all they have in common). And Eilish changes her hair color all the time, so...

Can we just appreciate Sulewski for her amazing contributions to your YouTube playlist and let this whole Billie Eilish-doppelgänger narrative die?