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The Taylor Swift 'Eras Tour' Surprise Song For Your Zodiac Sign

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour Surprise Song For Your Sign Is Karmic

Which one is *the lucky one*?

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There’s no slowing down when it comes to Eras. Even though Taylor Swift’s tour kicked off on St. Patrick’s Day, the concerts are still all anyone can talk about, especially considering all the mystery songs she sings at each performance. In between her jam-packed setlist, she’s consistently sang not one, but *two* one-night-only tracks — all of which are fan faves — making each night special and unique. But which Taylor Swift track is the one your zodiac sign is destined to hear? You’re not on your own, kid — there is a tune that’s written in the stars for you.

Considering every zodiac sign has a Taylor Swift era that goes with it, naturally, there has to be a surprise song that goes with your sign, too. Mind you, one of T-Swift’s goals is “to play different songs every night and never repeat one,” so the mystery track that’s meant for your sign to hear live could’ve been played already. But hey, you never know, she did say if she might do songs over again in other cities (if she messes up badly enough, but still).

Whether it’s a song you feel like never got the recognition it deserved, or it’s one you feel like was written just for you, here’s the surprise song your zodiac sign’s meant to hear on the Eras Tour:

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Aries: “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

Fury is your middle name, Aries, so it would be a crime if you didn’t get to hear this rager live. Not only is the Reputation track one of T-Swift’s most passionate songs, but it seemingly addresses the long-standing beef between her and Kanye West. There’s nothing you love more than calling someone out, so be sure to scream these lyrics at the top of your lungs if — no, when — you hear it on the Eras Tour.

Taurus: “False God”

You live for a good love song, which is why hearing “False God” live is a must for you. Not only is the Lover song romantic, it touches on the passion that exists between you and someone who may not the be the best for you (a feeling you know all too well). Let’s cross your fingers that you get to hear this one IRL, Taurus.

Gemini: “Question...?”

You’re always looking for answers, Gemini, which is why “Question...?” is the song you’ve got to hear live. The Midnights tune perfectly emulates your flirty, curious vibes, plus the lyrics are super contradictory, just like you. You like to be kept guessing, and this song leaves plenty up for interpretation.

Cancer: “You’re On Your Own, Kid”

As the nostalgic sign of the zodiac, you’re no stranger to bittersweet feels, and this Midnights song (which Tay-Tay sang at the April 14 show in Tampa, FL, but shh) couldn’t be more poignant. You may be the mom friend in many ways, but you’re also always seeking ways to nurture your inner child — and “YOYOK” is all about the growing pains of getting older, while still seeing yourself as an adolescent. A major tear-jerker, for sure.

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Leo: “Mirrorball”

You’re always eager to put on a show, Leo, which is why it’s only right for you to hear “Mirrorball” live. Though it was already chosen as a surprise song at Swift’s March 17 show in Glendale, AZ, it’s such a fan fave, maybe it’ll come up again? (Please, Taylor!) As the main character of the zodiac, you’re always eager to entertain others — and if this bop from Folklore gets picked as the surprise song, you’re destined to be the (second) star of the show.

Virgo: “Dear Reader”

You couldn’t be more of a bookworm, Virgo, so it comes as no surprise that “Dear Reader” is the surprise song you have to hear. Not only are the lyrics about not taking bad advice (something you never do), but the Midnights song also offers some words of wisdom (something you’re always willing to share with others).

Libra: “Peace”

Good vibes only, Libra. While this Folklore song may not exactly be about two lovers who are in agreement, it’s a bop that you because you can totally relate. You’re always seeking common ground in relationships, so it’s only right that you hear this song live.

Scorpio: “Mad Woman”

It’s safe to say Tay wrote “Mad Woman” for all the Scorpios out there, considering she literally mentions scorpions in the lyrics (and is a Scorpio rising herself). The Folklore track is a song all about rage and the lyrics are some of the singer-songwriter’s most unhinged, so it’s right up your alley. Sure, she sang it at her April 15 show in Tampa, but a repeat isn’t out of the question.

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Sagittarius: “Getaway Car”

This is probably one of the most on-brand Sagittarius anthems fellow Sagittarian Swift has ever written, making it the perfect surprise song for you to scream at the top of your lungs. While the Reputation track touches on regretful decisions, the Grammy winner ultimately comes to the realization that she wouldn’t go back and change a thing. You’re no stranger to making impulsive moves, and *also* having to reap the consequences that come with them later. This is your jam.

Capricorn: “Never Grow Up”

While this song may be a major throwback to the Speak Now days, it’s so relatable to you that it probably feels like it just dropped yesterday. You’ve always been “the responsible one,” which is why “Never Grow Up” hits so close to home. You may not be much of a crier, Capricorn, but shedding a tear during this song’s performance isn’t out of the question.

Aquarius: “The Lucky One”

No one’s a fan of going MIA more than you are, Aquarius, which is why hearing “The Lucky One” from Red during the Eras Tour simply has to happen (again, considering she played it at her April 2 show in Arlington, TX). It might be a throwback, but it’s highly slept on.

Pisces: “Gold Rush”

The Evermore tune is full of some of Swift’s most poetic lyrics, which is why it’s only right that you, the visionary of the zodiac, get to hear this song live, despite her playing it at her May 12 show in Philly. It wouldn’t even be surprising if you’ve actually said, “I can’t dare to dream about you anymore,” to a lover at least once in your life. No judgment here, Pisces.