Taylor Swift re-releasing her 'Red' album during Scorpio season 2021 is such a power move, based on ...

Taylor Swift Re-Releasing Red During Scorpio Season Is Such A Power Move

An astrologer explains how her sign plays into the Nov. 12 release date.

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Timing is everything. More often than not, it’s not a coincidence when you make a decision to get married on a certain day, quit your job, or in Taylor Swift’s case, re-release her Red album — and usually, astrology has something to do with it. While you do have a certain level of free will, the planets’ movements tend to influence your decisions much more than you may realize. Though using astrology as an excuse for doing something impulsive or irrational is never encouraged, it can help you to understand why you selected a specific time to make a major decision. Taylor Swift’s choice to reclaim her power by releasing Red (Taylor’s Version) during Scorpio season wasn’t by chance; it was written in the stars.

If you’re a diehard Swiftie, you probably already know that the release date for the revised version of Red was originally Nov. 19 — the same day as the lunar eclipse in Taurus — but she ultimately decided to move it up (fans theorized because Adele’s 30 album release date is scheduled for the same day). The original release date would have made a lot of sense from an astrological perspective, but the Nov. 12 date she ended up selecting is still fitting when taking a look at Taylor Swift’s birth chart. Every individual’s birth or natal chart is full of significant elements, but there’s one in particular that’s in play here. Let’s talk a little bit about how Scorpio season ultimately makes the most sense when it comes to T.Swift releasing this new and improved version of Red:

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How Taylor Swift’s Rising Sign Plays Into Red’s Re-Release Date

According to AstroTheme, Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, and Scorpio rising, so intensity is definitely a major aspect of her birth chart. As a Mars-ruled individual, Swift is someone whose personal power is a huge aspect of her self-expression, so the fact that she chose to re-record and release her Red album as a way of reclaiming her strength is completely understandable. Since we’re in the midst of Scorpio season, the sun is currently moving through the Grammy-winning singer’s first house of self, shining a light on her in a way that’s impossible to avoid.

Think of the sun moving through your first house as a renewal of your personal energy. For Swift, the sun in her chart rules the 10th house of career and public image, so the connection between the 10th house and her first house of self makes it the perfect time for her to release a project that marked such a significant moment in her career, especially since she’s revealed that there will be songs on this album that the public has never heard before.

Taylor Swift’s Mars Sign Also Plays A Factor

The Cats star also has her natal Mars in Scorpio, and because Mars is currently in this same sign in the cosmos, she’s experiencing what’s called a Mars return. Generally speaking, Mars returns are all about action, so it’s kind of like Mars in her chart is having a birthday. Since Mars is her chart ruler, this is an extremely significant time in her life. The Scorpio energy she already has in her chart is being enhanced just in time for Red’s re-release.

Since Scorpio season tends to be a time when secrets come to light, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor Swift revealed something surprising to her fans during this time as well. Maybe her new songs will have important messages hidden in them? She is the queen of easter eggs, after all. Since Mercury is also in Scorpio right now, along with the sun and Mars, this new music will likely evoke a pretty strong reaction from not only Swifties, but the rest of the world, too.

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