Astrologer Chelsea Jackson predicted Adele's '30' album release date 2 weeks prior to announcement, ...

I Predicted Adele's 30 Album Release Date Based On Her Birth Chart

It was truly written in the ✨stars ✨

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It’s been a long six years since Adele last blessed us with new music. The good thing is that wait is *finally* coming to an end. On Wednesday, Oct. 13, the UK singer announced that she’s dropping her fourth studio album, 30, on Nov. 19. The funny thing is, I actually predicted Adele’s 30 album release date nearly two weeks prior to her announcement, all thanks to her astrological birth chart.

As a clairvoyant astrologer — who’s done in-depth analyses of natal charts for celebrities like Meghan Markle and Demi Lovato — and huge Adele fan, you can bet that I took a look at the “When We Were Young” crooner’s chart after rumor had it that her next era was on its way, to see if her placements would reveal any clues. While fans are oftentimes notorious for guessing when an artist will drop new music (I’m looking at you, Swifties), Adele’s 30 album release date actually coincides with her own astrological makeup. Through some cosmic digging, I was able to figure it out.

“Just took a look at Adele’s chart and it wouldn’t surprise me if she dropped some music during Scorpio season 👀,” I tweeted on Oct. 2. There were two dates that stuck out to me: the first was Thursday, Nov. 4 (around the new moon in Scorpio); the second was Friday, Nov. 19 — and *ding ding ding* Nov. 19 just so happens to be the big day.

While Nov. 19 has now been revealed as an incredible day for music lovers everywhere, it also happens to be the exact date of the lunar eclipse in Taurus. Lunar eclipses tend to coincide with major revelations and endings; they also tend to pack a punch twice as intense any ordinary full moon. Taurus individuals will be affected by this far more than others though. Since Adele is a Taurus sun, her biggest comeback yet falling on this date makes total sense.

How Adele’s Birth Chart Aligns With Her 30 Album Release Date

When taking a look at Adele’s birth chart, I noticed that her sun in Taurus falls in her 11th house of friends, audiences, and hopes and dreams. Since the lunar eclipse will be taking place in the same area of her birth chart, it makes total sense that she’d want to use this date to share her personal music with the world. While eclipses tend to remove things from your life that no longer serve you, they can also coincide with some kind of powerful new beginning, and something tells me that Adele’s new album will encompass just that.

Though everyone won’t experience this lunar eclipse in Taurus in the same area of their birth chart as Adele, we all will collectively sense the intensity that accompanies the moon being eclipsed by the sun on Nov. 19. In your birth chart, be sure to check in with your Taurus and Scorpio-ruled houses to see where you’ll experience your own personal transformation. No matter what, you’ll have a beautiful soundtrack to accompany you every step of the way.

Adele’s first 30 single, “Easy On Me,” will be available for streaming on Friday, Oct. 15.

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