Demi Lovato Birth Chart

Demi Lovato's Birth Chart Speaks To Her Unwavering Strength & Courage

If there's one thing you can glean from Demi Lovato's latest documentary, it's that she is one strong individual. The singer's Dancing With The Devil YouTube docuseries just premiered, and it details everything from her 2018 near-fatal overdose to her pandemic engagement (and breakup). Though this isn't the former Disney Channel star's first doc, she left no stone unturned this time as she fearlessly shared her truth. Taking a look at Demi Lovato's birth chart perfectly explains why.

Since your birth chart serves as your own unique map of what the stars were doing when you were born, it can be used to understand your motivations and soul's desires. Lovato's birth chart emphasizes staying true to herself and her path, and points to artistic expression as her way of fulfilling her soul. With a lot of emphasis on her first house of self, one of the most valuable lessons she can learn from her chart is to continue to put herself and her needs first. While many may be intimidated by the light she possesses, a purpose of hers is to share that warmth with the collective by speaking on topics that others tend to shy away from. Her confidence and fearlessness is what makes her stand out, and her birth chart reveals why.

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Demi Lovato's Leo rising proved she's destined for the spotlight.

Since Leo is ruled by the sun, Lovato embodies warm, vibrant energy. The sun is your energy source, and Leo rising folks tend to have a similar effect on the people around them. The singer's soul is motivated by staying true to herself by following her heart, and fiercely speaking on and maintaining her truth, no matter how challenging it may be. She captures the attention of others with ease, and when she speaks, people listen. As a fixed fire sign, Leo risings do best when they're in charge, and the light they possess isn't being dimmed or controlled by anyone. As Lovato continues to walk in her truth, she will attract people who aren't intimated by her light and want to see her shine.

Lovato's sun sign is also in Leo, so it's important for her to prioritize self-discovery.

Lovato was born at sunrise, meaning that the sun was just beginning to rise above the horizon at the time of her birth. This energy seems to echo throughout her life, as she's always been able to emerge from her struggles stronger than before. Being that the sun is also the ruler of Lovato's rising sign, she is meant to live her life autonomously, with heightened emphasis on her creativity and self-expression. As a Leo rising and Leo sun, it's important for Lovato to prioritize her self-discovery in every way — without feeling the need to apologize for it. (In other words, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.) Her courage, despite many adversities, is what speaks perfectly to the sign governed by the lion. (Fun fact: She even has a lion tattoo.)

Lovato's moon is in Taurus, meaning she seeks out stability.

The moon represents your emotional expression, and the sign that it's in colors how you express your feelings. Lovato's moon is in Taurus, the earthy, fixed sign of the zodiac, indicating that she seeks out security and stability when it comes to her emotions. Despite her extroverted Leo nature, she craves a grounded and comfortable environment to call home. Since her moon is conjunct her midheaven, the most public point of the birth chart, her emotions tend to be present in her public image and professional endeavors. As someone with her midheaven in Taurus, this points to a fulfilling career in a creative field that promises emotional fulfillment.