Here's How Your Rising Sign Determines Your Personality & Approach On Life

It's easy to see astrology as a complete hoax, especially when you're not familiar with your natal chart, rising sign, or the general meaning of the astrological houses, considering they each play a significant role in our lives. Now, the million dollar question is, what house if your rising sign in? This is actually important to consider, as your rising/ascendant sign is often referred to as the front door to your chart. This is because it is a symbol of your personality, appearance, and the overall theme of your cosmic footprint. Do you honestly associate yourself with your zodiac sign? If you don't, then it's probably because you resonate more with your rising sign.

For instance, I'm a Cancer sun and my rising sign is Scorpio. Despite the fact that they're both sensitive water signs, I've always associated myself with Scorpio energy, all the way. In fact, many people often confuse me for a Scorpio sun, and again, this is because Scorpio is the first impression I give off, and ultimately portray to the rest of the world. Make sense? Now, this doesn't mean we can completely ignore our zodiac sign. On the contrary, our sun sign still plays a significant role, as it represents our ego and soul purpose. There's a big difference.

What Is A Rising Sign?

Your rising sign, which is also referred to as your ascendant, is the zodiac sign that was rising over the eastern horizon on your exact time of birth. If you are not familiar with your rising sign, you can find out here. Once you know your exact time of birth, and have already pulled up your chart, you'll notice that your rising sign is located at the 9 o'clock point on the zodiac wheel, which is also the first house on your natal chart. In fact, you can have a look here, and see for yourself.

In the meantime, here's a quick recap of each of the astrological houses, what zodiac sign they belong to, and their overall meaning, for your reference:

  • First House: appearance, personality, sense of self - Aries' House
  • Second House: income, self-worth, values - Taurus' House
  • Third House: communication, immediate circle - Gemini's House
  • Fourth House: home, family, soul foundation - Cancer's House
  • Fifth House: individuality, children, creative expression - Leo's House
  • Sixth House: daily routine, health, responsibilities - Virgo's House
  • Seventh House: partnerships, relationships - Libra's House
  • Eighth House: intimacy, sex, transformation - Scorpio's House
  • Ninth House: expansion, higher learning, travel - Sagittarius' House
  • Tenth House: career, destiny in the world - Capricorn's House
  • Eleventh House: friendship, group circles, tribe - Aquarius' House
  • Twelfth House: closure, healing, karma, past lives - Pisces' House

The First House Of Self, Appearance, And First Impression

What is the first sign in the zodiac? Aries, right? Well, the first house in the zodiac wheel belongs to Aries, and Aries' key phrase is "I am," which is precisely what this house represents. For example, if you were born with Leo rising, (This would mean Leo is the sign in your first house of appearance) you probably have lion-like features. Interesting enough, those born with Leo rising tend to have gorgeous locks of hair, a warm expression, and perhaps even cat-like features. It sounds silly, but Leo is technically part of the feline family, and those born with Leo placements will definitely portray its sassy and oh-so-majestic signature. Meow.

In fact, here's a quick look at each rising sign's general appearance, and a celebrity example for your reference. Which one are you?

Shakira Was Born With Aries Rising: Bold, Daring, Sexy

Serena Williams Was Born With Taurus Rising: Attractive, Charming, Sensual

Drew Barrymore Was Born With Gemini Rising: Chatty, Flirty, Playful

Jennifer Garner Was Born With Cancer Rising: Caring, Emotional, Shy

Marilyn Monroe Was Born With Leo Rising: Charismatic, Fun, Sassy,

Emma Watson Was Born With Virgo Rising: Practical, Neat, Tense

Britney Spears Was Born With Libra Rising: Cute, Charming, Dainty,

Natalie Portman Was Born With Scorpio Rising: Intense, Enigma, Sexy

Kim K Was Born With Sagittarius Rising: Adventurous, Spontaneous

Lorde Was Born With Capricorn Rising: Classy, Serious, Vintage

Lindsay Lohan Was Born With Aquarius Rising: Free, Eccentric, Rebel

Whitney Houston Was Born With Pisces Rising: Artistic, Dreamy, Emo

Remember: Your rising sign is the sign on the cusp of the first house in your birth chart - no matter what. This is why it's called a "rising sign," because it was the sign rising on the eastern horizon on your exact time of birth. You can't miss it.