7 Easter Eggs From Taylor's "The Man" Video You Missed, Including A Loren Gray Cameo


It's high time to be a Swiftie. "The Man" music video is finally here and our girl Tay did not disappoint y'all. In her latest visual, Swift quite literally transformed into a man thanks to some impressive hair and makeup skills from her team. Not only did the video for her feminist anthem make a powerful statement, but, true to form, Swift sprinkled tons of easter eggs throughout the clip. Tay's eagle-eyed fans have already caught a bunch, and were left totally shook. These easter eggs from Taylor Swift's "The Man" video were so sneaky.

As she embarked on her journey as a man, Swift touched upon the double standards between men and women in society. The video dealt with male ego, spacial awareness, and sexual harassment and, the whole way through, it was full of surprises.

For instance, the 13th street subway station featured in the video was filled with the titles of Swift's past album titles. And if you really pay attention, you can see that there's a street sign with another easter egg in the same scene. "Missing: if found please return to Taylor Swift," the sign read.

In that same scene, there was a sign banning scooters. Fans were convinced this was a nod to her 2019 drama with record exec Scooter Braun.

At one point in the video, the camera panned to a girl listening to music on the subway, and fans quickly realized she was wearing a "Miss Americana" sweatshirt — the same name of Swift's Netflix documentary.

In that same shot, a poster was visible for Swift's Miss Americana Netflix documentary. However, according to the sign, the film was actually titled Mr. Americana and starred "Tyler Swift." Very cheeky, Tay.

Tay was definitely "flashing her dollars" in the video, and during the nightclub scene, fans noticed that the money being tossed around had the man's (aka, Tyler's) face on it.

TikTok fans will be excited to see that superstar Loren Gray (aka, the most-followed person on the app) played a part in the video as well. Swift recruited Gray for the ending scene of the video, and though you may not have recognized her at first, the scene was beyond hilarious.

“By the way, excellent work over there, Loren," Swift told the star, with the joke being that Loren actually did nothing at all.

Even before the video was released, Tay hinted that fans were in for plenty of surprises. When chatting with fans during a live Q&A, one person asked: "How many easter eggs?" "Lots and lots. More than in any kid's yard on Easter morning," Swift promised.

You can catch the full video for "The Man" below.